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Is Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Safe for My Plumbing?

Is Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Safe for My Plumbing?

Have you been seeking a contractor for hydro jet drain cleaning near you in Upstate South Carolina? You may also be wondering if hydro jetting is safe for your plumbing. The truth is, it’s safer than harsh chemicals often used for DIY drain cleaning and more effective than plunging or snaking. If your drains are slow, water won’t clear your sink, or your plumbing otherwise isn’t working properly, hydro jet drain cleaning may be the best option.

What Is Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning?

Hydro jetting involves spraying water at high pressures into the drain line. Portable equipment, including a water tank, pressurized nozzle, and hose, are brought in by a plumber. They may use a camera or a hydro jetter that contains a mini camera to examine the line. This way, they can identify the problematic drain, determine where the clog is, and assess the condition of the pipe.

A hydro jetter pressurizes water to about 4,000 psi. Some equipment can push the limits at 35,000 psi. Even at the lowest settings, a hydro jetter is dangerous for an inexperienced user. It can propel water at twice the speed of sound, which can cause serious injury if the equipment is mishandled. 

Can Hydro Jetting Cause Pipe Damage?

It depends on the condition of the pipe. Generally, hydro jet drain cleaning does not cause any damage, especially if your drainage system has been well-maintained. A camera inspection enables a technician to assess the pipe’s structural integrity before starting. They’ll also perform a visual inspection of any exposed pipes to ensure there’s no damage.

For the most part, hydro jetting has more benefits than risks, including:

  • It Uses Only Pressurized Water: No harsh, toxic chemicals are used, protecting your plumbing and the environment where chemicals can leach into lakes, rivers, and groundwater.
  • Structural Integrity Is Maintained: Over time, drain cleaning chemicals can cause pipes to rust and erode, ultimately breaking them apart. This is not the case with hydro jetting.
  • It Can Clear Many Types of Clogs: Pressurized water can clear solid objects that have been flushed as well as soap, sand, and mud. Hydro jetting also eliminates drainage problems and issues such as bacteria that can lead to foul odors and health risks.
  • Hydro Jetting Saves Time: The process usually takes about two hours, which is faster than other methods; it only takes one service call to clear the entire system.
  • Long-Term Results: Hydro jetting not only breaks up and clears away clogs and blockages at the center of pipes; it also scours their internal surfaces clean, reducing the risk of future clogs.
  • Avoids Invasive Repair Methods: High-pressure water can clear clogs and debris deep in the sewer line. This avoids more invasive methods, such as digging trenches to access pipes.

When to Avoid Hydro Jetting

When you schedule hydro jet drain cleaning near you, it helps to know the process is safe for all pipes, so long as they’re structurally sound. However, if done improperly or in the wrong circumstances, it can cause burst pipes. This is rare. But you want to avoid hydro jetting if:

  • Your Pipes Are Old: Even durable clay, copper, cast iron, and polymer composite pipes like PVC and ABS water lines can become vulnerable as they age. This is a consideration whether you have an older home or it is relatively new. Nonetheless, extra precautions must be taken if your home is 50 or more years old.
  • There Is Plumbing Damage: If pipes are rusted, corroded, or cracked or have small pinholes, hydro jetting can cause them to burst. Therefore, a plumber must check for any signs of structural damage before starting. Hydro jet drain cleaning is safe for your plumbing unless your pipes have any weak points. It can not only break a damaged pipe; the escaping water can also cause the surrounding soil to settle or erode.
  • Your Plumber Is Not Experienced With It: Only a plumber trained in hydro jetting should provide this service. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to properly inspect pipes, set up equipment, and operate a machine that delivers water at pressures of thousands of pounds per square inch.

When Should I Schedule Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Near Me?

Hydro jet drain cleaning is a safe option if you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • Slow Drainage: If your drains are getting progressively slower, there may be an obstruction deep in the line.
  • Frequent Clogs: A larger, deeper problem in a plumbing or sewage line may be present if your drains repeatedly clog up.
  • Using One Fixture Backs Up Another Drain: This is a sign of a main sewer line blockage. Call a hydro jetting plumber if you flush the toilet and a shower, tub, or sink drain backs up.
  • Noisy Plumbing: Gurgling sounds can mean water is trying to push past an obstruction, especially if it’s coming from multiple fixtures. Hissing, bubbling, and banging noises are also causes for concern.
  • Sewage Is Backing Up: Raw sewage stinks and contains gases, viruses, and bacteria. To avoid health hazards and property damage, call an emergency plumber right away.
  • Foul Odors: Odors can be caused by an issue with the drain trap or materials that have clogged up your drains. Hydrojetting is the best solution for scouring them clean.

Schedule Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Near You Today

Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air provides hydro jetting services in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. Hydro jetting effectively breaks up clogs and washes debris away through the line. It uses only high-pressure water and is one of the most affordable plumbing solutions. To learn more or request service, call (864) 536-0887 today.

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