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Is your toilet clogging for no apparent reason? Are your sinks filling up with water immediately? Are all those morning showers turning into baths as you stand in inches of pooling water? You likely have a drainage issue that needs to be assessed by a plumber. While some drain problems can be solved with a simple drain-clearing service, others may require a more in-depth approach if they indicate a problem with your sewer lines.
The plumbing experts at Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air have been the trusted plumbing service providers of Greenville and Spartanburg counties for over half a century. We have the experience and tools necessary to tackle any drainage problem with a focus on long-lasting solutions. Whether your situation involves removing built-up gunk from your kitchen sink drain or repairing a broken sewer line that’s causing frequent backups, we have the right solution for your needs.

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Common Causes Of Clogged Drains

Even if you take good care of your drains by covering them and avoiding pouring any liquid fat, oil, and grease down them, sometimes clogs are inevitable. If you have a clogged drain, it is incredibly important that you do not attempt to unclog it yourself because this could lead to a large leak and more costly repairs.
Instead, call one of our expert plumbers to repair your drain. Our Greenville drain cleaning technicians will provide you with the service you need to get your plumbing back in working order. We have state-of-the-art equipment to determine what plumbing solution will be needed, including drain cameras, snakes, and rooters.
Clogged drains can be caused by:

For more information on how to maintain your drains, check out “Common Causes of Plumbing Clogs and How to Prevent Them.”

How We Handle Clogged Drains

When you call our professional plumbers for your slow-moving drains, we can help you get to the root of the problem. We recommend avoiding store-bought chemical drain cleaners, which can actually hurt your pipes and cause more problems than they help. Instead, trust a professional plumbing team to address the need.
At Waldrop, we start our drain cleaning service with a video inspection of your drains to find the root of the problem. This allows us to tackle the actual issue, rather than simply guessing at what the problem is. Then, we clean the drain or sewer line with powerful hydro jetting technology or eco-friendly Bio-Clean that safely flushes away the clog, without damaging your pipes.

Y’all Call Wally at (864) 536-0887 to learn how you can protect your drains with professional drain and sewer cleaning services.

Hydro Jetting For Sewer Cleaning

While Bio-Clean is an effective solution for drain problems, if you need sewer cleaning, you may be better served with hydro jetting services. Hydro jetting uses powerful streams of water to loosen clogs and get the drain flowing freely again. Hydro jetting is effective at resolving most types of sewer clogs, including roots.

Contact Waldrop to discuss hydro jetting for sewer cleaning in Greenville. Y’all Call Wally at (864) 536-0887 for more information about this service.

Bio-Clean For Safe Drain Cleaning

Y’all Call Wally to learn more about Bio-Clean® — our safe and eco-friendly solution to your drain concerns. Using natural bacteria and enzymes, this product can clean a drain without harming pipes or leaving harmful chemical residue behind. Best of all, Bio-Clean works quickly, so you won’t be waiting all night to use your water again.

Professional Drain Repair

In addition to clogged drain repair, you can count on Waldrop for leaking drain repair. Over time, the material your drain is made of can begin to corrode, degrade, and eventually crack with normal use, resulting in a leak. If there is water pooling under your sink or damp areas and signs of water damage, you might have a leaking drain and are in need of leak detection services. Not only do leaking drains cause water damage, but they also result in a huge waste of water. A higher-than-normal water bill is often an indication that you have a plumbing leak somewhere.
When our plumbers arrive at your property, we will perform a video camera inspection of your drain lines. Once the source and location of the leak have been identified, we’ll get to work performing any necessary repairs or replacing the drain entirely if needed.

Y’all Call Wally at (864) 536-0887 or contact us online to learn more about our Greenville, SC, drain cleaning services.

Drain Cleaning FAQs

Liquid drain cleaner is made of toxic chemicals that can damage your drains and your pipes. If you have a clogged drain, this product can do more harm than good. Instead, invest in professional drain cleaning that will start with a video inspection.
A video inspection gives your plumber the chance to find the clog. By finding the clog and treating it directly, you will have more success in getting the drain flowing again. A video inspection gives the right information to fix the clog.
Using the right equipment, a plumber can remove a block from your drain in just a few minutes. It does take a little longer to find the clog, but once it’s located, it can quickly get blasted away.
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