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Furnace Installation in Greenville, SC

Even if Greenville, South Carolina’s winter season is fairly mild, its cool temperatures are a stark contrast with the sweltering summers. A quality furnace installation means you can enjoy peace of mind that your home won’t be without warmth when the chilly seasons roll around. At Waldrop, our team of furnace installation pros is available for furnace installation and furnace replacement to ensure reliable heat year-round.

For furnace installation in Upstate South Carolina, call Waldrop at (864) 536-0887 or reach out to our team online for service.

How Long Should a Furnace Last in a Home?

Gas furnaces last between 15 and 20 years, oil furnaces between 20 and 25 years, and electric furnaces between 20 and 30 years. Some furnaces may last longer than their projected lifespan but may significantly lose efficiency and increase breakdowns and repair costs.

Proper maintenance and diligent repairs can help maximize your heating system’s lifespan and performance. High usage causes extra wear on the unit, and poor installation or unit quality can also limit its longevity.

How Do I Know When My Furnace Needs Replacing?

Furnaces wear out with time and can lose performance and efficiency. Some signs that your furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan include:

Types of Furnaces We Install

Waldrop is a comprehensive resource for your HVAC needs. Whatever your home’s needs and preferred fuel source, our team can handle the installation of any furnace. We can handle any of the following furnace installation services:

Our Furnace Installation Process

Our team at Waldrop is prepared to meet any of your furnace installation needs. Your certified furnace installation expert will consult with you about your home’s heating system needs, your budget, and any other factors to find a personalized solution. We’ll also figure out the best way to fund your installation with financing options and look into home rebates or tax credits you may be eligible for.

We’ll make sure every component of your new furnace installation is working as it should. With quality installation and a thorough inspection from your technician, you can have peace of mind about your home’s heating, efficiency, and safety.

Additional Services

To keep your new furnace running as it should, we also offer repair and maintenance services.

Furnace Repair

Furnace breakdowns can be inconvenient and sometimes inevitable, so our team is available from 6 am to midnight to assist you. Our quick response times and expert furnace technicians mean we respond to your repair requests with minimal turnaround and restore heat to your home. Whether a simple thermostat or air filter fix or a more involved repair job, Waldrop has you covered.

Heating and furnace maintenance

Proper maintenance is the best way to find and prevent issues before they escalate, which helps to avoid major or costly repairs and to maximize your furnace’s lifespan. Whether you have a heat pump or an electric, oil, or gas furnace, our team can keep your system running to its potential.

To help you stay on top of maintenance and protect your home, we offer bundled plans for your heating services and overall HVAC systems as well as plumbing and generator services. Signing up means you can take advantage of benefits such as:

Get a quote for gas, electric, or oil furnace installation by contacting us.

Schedule a quote for furnace installation with Waldrop by calling us at (864) 536-0887 or reaching out online.

Call Waldrop for Furnace Installation Services in Greenville, SC

Waldrop has been serving Greenville, Spartanburg, and other South Carolina areas for the past 50 years and has the expertise you need for furnace installation. Our dedicated team of professionals knows how to diagnose your HVAC troubles and provide workable solutions. If you need a new furnace installed, Waldrop is the company to call for integrity, quality, and promptness. Contact us today at (864)-536-0887 or book an appointment online.
Schedule furnace installation by calling (864) 536-0887 or contacting our qualified team online
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Greenville, SC

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Waldrop has taken care of our HVAC since our house was built (2006). We get maintenance twice a year – spring and fall. This year, Kevin suggested the Phenomenal Aire unit. It cleans the air

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Had the best experience with Waldrop, we will forever be in their debt. Not only the most professional group of men but the most honest, stand by your word company! I would recommend Waldrop to

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Five stars

A friend recommended Waldrop after he had a visit last week. Our A/C was not cooling as well as it should, and the Split “Smart” thermostat was doing crazy things on the first and 2nd


24/7 Monitoring of Your AC, Heating & Plumbing Systems

The Smart Wally Membership ensures home heating, cooling, and plumbing systems are constantly monitored. The program allows us to detect issues early, which is when they’re easier and more affordable to fix.