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How Hydro Jet Plumbing Services Work

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Plumbers have various ways to clean drain pipes and sewer lines. Grease, discarded foods, mineral scale, and debris can stick to pipe walls and form complete blockages. Tree roots can also get into pipes and cause blockages (hair, silt, and sand can also build up). Hydro jet plumbing services can resolve all these issues. We’ll explain how they work so effectively.

What Does It Mean to Hydro Jet a Pipe?

Hydro jetting does not rely on a plunger or snake to unclog a pipe. Instead, it pushes high-pressure streams of water through it to break up clogs and force debris off pipe walls. It can reduce the risk of future clogs and prevent further drainage issues, backups, or overflows.

The Hydro Jetting Process

You need experience and the right equipment to hydro jet a plumbing system.  There’s no shortcut or DIY method. For example, attempting to stick a hose in a drain and turning on the water can cause major damage and lead to expensive repairs. Therefore, leave the work to a local plumber who can safely complete the job. Here’s how a professional will handle the process:

Video Pipe Inspection

Before using any hydro jetting equipment, your plumber will use a specialized video camera attached to a flexible cable. A visual inspection helps determine if it’s strong enough to tolerate the intense pressure and what is blocking or building up in it. If the pipe is old or weak, a snake or auger can be used to break up a clog. And perhaps the technician will recommend replacing the pipe.

The Jetter Is Set Up

Once the plumber determines the pipe is suited for hydro jetting, they will bring in their equipment. A jetter, which contains a pressurizing device, hose, nozzle, and a tank of water, is set up. A nozzle that’s the best size and shape for the job will be chosen. For hard blockages, a chisel-type nozzle that can cut through the material may be used. Common nozzle diameters include 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 inches and are selected based on the type of pipe and material blocking it.

The plumber will locate an access point and insert the hose and nozzle. The pressure of the system can be adjusted based on the extent of the clog and the type of debris. It can be raised to several thousand pounds per square inch to scour pipes clean. Gravity brings the pressurized water, and debris, downward so it’s safely flushed away.

Where Hydro Jetting Is Most Often Used

Professionals often hydro jet plumbing systems in older buildings. Snaking doesn’t clear all the buildup on pipe walls, so plumbers recommend hydro jetting to avoid having to repeatedly snake pipes. The process can make a historical building more functional. 

While hydro jetting can be used in homes, it’s often done in restaurants. Fats, grease, and oils are often washed down restaurant kitchen drains and sink traps aren’t always effective. High-pressure water can remove stubborn residue that forms on pipe walls, so the process is frequently used for maintenance. It’s also used for commercial sewers and municipal pipes that are much larger than a typical auger can clean. 

Call Waldrop If You Need Hydro Jetting

You may need a hydro jetting service if your plumbing system often backs up, odors come from drains, or your pipes make gurgling sounds. Slow drains and clogs that occur despite being careful of what you flush are also signs it can help. At Waldrop, we can hydro jet plumbing systems safely, quickly, and effectively and ensure lasting results. To schedule your hydro jetting service, call (864) 536-0887 today.

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