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Greenville Gas Line Repair and Installation

Qualified Gas Plumbers in Greenville & Spartanburg Counties

Homeowners across the country are making the switch to gas for a number of reasons, including availability and affordability. At Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air, our experienced technicians offer gas line repair and installation in Greenville and the surrounding communities.

Call us today at (864) 536-0887 to schedule a gas line installation or repair service from our experienced professionals.

Signs You May Have Problems With a Gas Line

If you can spot issues with a gas line early, you may be able to avoid more serious problems in the future. Call our team at Waldrop for gas line repairs or replacement right away if you notice:

  • Rotten egg or sulfur-like smells
  • Rust on the gas lines or fittings
  • Dented or damaged flexible gas lines
  • Bubbles when liquids are applied to gas lines or fittings
  • Reduced performance of your natural gas appliances
  • Delayed burner ignition or trouble lighting pilot lights
  • Health symptoms like dizziness, lightheadedness, or fatigue

Call (864) 536-0887 or contact us online to have your gas lines inspected or repaired in Greenville or Spartanburg.

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What to Do If You Suspect a Gas Leak

While natural gas is odorless, gas companies add a chemical called mercaptan in order to make a gas leak identifiable by smell. If you smell a rotten egg odor on your property, you have a natural gas leak and need to take immediate action.

If you suspect a gas leak:

  • Immediately vacate the property and move to an area of fresh air
  • Call the gas company to report the leak and request an inspection
  • Call Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air to schedule a repair service

In most situations, the gas company is responsible for gas lines up to your home, but you are responsible for repair to inside gas lines. If you have been told that you need to have a gas line repaired, it is important to choose a qualified professional to handle the job.

Gas Line Repair Services in Upstate South Carolina

Do you have a leaking gas line or a faulty gas valve? Don’t delay. Choose Waldrop for fast service and reliable gas line repair throughout the Upstate South Carolina region. Our team will work quickly and safely, making sure your gas lines are repaired properly and are free of leaks. We service and repair:

  • Flexible gas lines
  • Copper and black iron gas lines
  • Gas line valves and fittings
  • Gas meters
  • And more!

Visit us online or call (864) 536-0887 to schedule gas line repairs in Greer or the surrounding areas today.

Gas Line Installation & Replacement in Greer

Do you need new gas lines in your South Carolina home? Whether you are installing gas service in a new home or repiping an old one, our team at Waldrop can help. We offer gas pipe installation and replacement for homeowners in Greenville and Spartanburg counties, and our experts will make sure the job is done right the first time. We use top-quality materials and products so that you can be confident in the performance of your new gas lines, and we will go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied.

To request a quote for a gas line installation or replacement in Upstate South Carolina, call (864) 536-0887 or contact us online.

Gas Line Installations for Appliances & Fireplaces

If you are installing a new gas appliance or switching from an electric furnace to a gas heating system, you will need to have a gas line installed. Our technicians have extensive training and professional experience, as well as the equipment necessary to ensure safe gas line installation. Whether you need a gas line for a new water heater or another appliance, we’ll make sure your new line is installed according to all current safety regulations.

We install gas lines for:

Get in touch with us today to request a gas line repair or schedule a new gas line installation.

Preventive Gas Line Maintenance in Greenville & Spartanburg

Would you like to avoid problems with your gas lines? Have them inspected and maintained regularly with the help of our team at Waldrop. By joining our Family Service Plan, you can enjoy annual inspections and maintenance on all your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment, as well as great benefits like priority service, exclusive discounts, and more.

Call us at (864) 536-0887 or visit us online to sign up for our Family Service Plan today!

Call Today for Gas Line Services in Greer, SC

When you need a qualified expert for safe and dependable gas line repairs, replacements, and new installations, choose our team at Waldrop. We have the experience and equipment to handle all your gas line services, and we feature skilled, background-checked personnel who are committed to your safety and comfort.

Reach out to us today at (864) 536-0887 or contact us online to schedule gas line service and repairs anywhere in Upstate South Carolina.

Gas Line Service FAQs


Flexible steel lines can often last 20 to 30 years, while copper or black iron gas lines can last as long as 75 years. In most cases, gas line repair or replacement is only necessary due to accidental damage, defects, or valves and fittings that have failed.


Although some areas may allow homeowners to make the final connection between a gas valve and an appliance, it is always best to call a professional. Gas leaks can be quite dangerous, and they may not be immediately apparent. A professional can use hydrocarbon detectors to ensure each connection is completely leak-free.

Although some areas may allow homeowners to make the final connection between a gas valve and an appliance, it is always best to call a professional. Gas leaks can be quite dangerous, and they may not be immediately apparent. A professional can use hydrocarbon detectors to ensure each connection is completely leak-free.


The repair costs will depend on the extent of the job, the parts required, and the labor costs. Replacing a damaged furnace supply line may require minimal fees while repairing a gas line in a finished wall will require far more work and substantially larger fees. For an accurate estimate, talk to our experts at Waldrop today.

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