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Using an oil furnace as the primary heat source in your home is a great way to achieve enhanced energy efficiency. Not only that, but modern oil furnaces feature more eco-friendly fuel sources than older system models.

If your Greenville County home relies on an oil furnace for heat, Waldrop Plumbing, Heating, and Air offers the comprehensive oil furnace services you need to achieve optimum comfort. Our Greenville furnace technicians are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, delivering the superior furnace service solutions that Greenville families deserve.

How Often Should an Oil Furnace Be Serviced?

Service your oil furnace at least once a year at the beginning of the cool weather season. As your furnace ages, increase your service to twice a year — once in the fall and once in the spring.  When you need a knowledgeable HVAC technician to service your oil furnace, look to the experts at Waldrop to get the job done right.

How Long Should an Oil-Burning Furnace Last?

Oil-burning furnaces last about 20 to 25 years. They offer many benefits, including quick and even heat disbursement and less dry air than electric heat sources. Homeowners also have greater peace of mind knowing they have direct access to their fuel supply when other sources like propane and natural gas aren’t available.

An oil furnace still needs maintenance. Handle oil furnace repairs quickly to ensure the full-service life of your furnace and stay warm during the damp Greenville winters.


The following are just some of the signs that your oil furnace needs repair fast:

If you notice the signs of needed furnace repair in your Greenville home, don’t hesitate to contact the heating experts at Waldrop. We offer 24/7 emergency oil furnace repair throughout the Greenville region. No matter what time of day or night your furnace failure occurs, our team will deliver the long-lasting repair solutions you need to regain full functionality in no time.

What Does an Oil Burner Service Consist Of?

The most important part of oil furnace ownership is adhering to a consistent heating maintenance schedule. Not only is oil furnace maintenance required by manufacturers to satisfy warranty terms and conditions, but annual heating maintenance also offers the following system benefits:

Give your heating system the benefit of a full tune-up by scheduling oil furnace maintenance with the Waldrop team.  Our oil burner service includes:

Oil Furnace Services

Oil furnace installation and replacement

Whether upgrading an existing system or planning the heating needs for a newly built home, our team has the superior furnace installation and replacement solutions you need to achieve high-efficiency, reliable heating. At Waldrop, our team offers a wide variety of top-quality oil furnace systems from the industry’s most reputable manufacturers. We also install electric and gas furnaces.

Learn more about our available oil furnace units by calling Waldrop at (864) 536-0887 to schedule oil furnace installation or replacement in Greenville, SC!

Oil furnace maintenance

At Waldrop, our team understands that your home is your sanctuary, and as such, it deserves to have the most reliable heating systems available. We help make this your reality by offering all our customers the opportunity to join our family service plans.

Choose from our HVAC Comfort and HVAC Comfort+ Plans to reap the following unique service benefits:
What’s Included? HVAC Comfort Plan HVAC Comfort+ Plan
Priority Service X X
Service Calls with Free Repairs X X
Biannual Tune-ups X X
Repair Discounts 10% 15%
Indoor Air Quality Discounts 10% 15%
  • One-year Waldrop parts warranty
  • One-year Waldrop labor warranty
  • Extended warranty maintenance verifications
  • Two-year Waldrop parts warranty
  • Two-year Waldrop labor warranty
  • Extended warranty maintenance verifications
Optional Add-on of Quarterly Filters X X
Free Refrigerant & Partial Leak Check   X
Outdoor Coil Cleanings   X

Join a family service plan and have your oil furnace maintenance needs met by calling (864) 536-0887 today!

Why Choose Waldrop For Oil Furnace Services?

For more than 50 years, Waldrop has proudly offered the fast, reliable oil furnace services Greenville families can trust. Our highly skilled service technicians are continuously trained in the most advanced industry tools and techniques to deliver a superior service experience every time.
Whether you need 24/7 emergency oil furnace repair or oil furnace maintenance, our team is here to help restore total comfort to your home when it counts the most.

Oil Furnace FAQs

Most oil furnaces can last between 20 and 25 years, depending on how well you adhere to a routine maintenance schedule. You may need to replace your furnace sooner if:

  • You’ve experienced an increased need for repair requests in recent years/months
  • You’ve had a sudden rise in heating expenses despite consistent usage behavior
  • The cost to repair your furnace is 50% or more than the cost it would be to replace it
Oil furnaces require annual heating maintenance just like any other heating equipment you may have installed in your home. Our heating specialists recommend scheduling an oil furnace tune-up at least once before each heating season (typically around September).
Depending on whether your oil tank is above or below ground, you can check the volume of fuel left in your system by:
  • Above-ground tanks: There is likely a tank gauge that can tell you the estimated fuel volume in the tank.
  • Below-ground tanks: You can place a measuring stick or tape measure into the tank, using the number in inches to determine the number of gallons left in the tank.

Most manufacturers provide a recommended oil specification for the furnaces they produce. Usually, residential oil furnaces use a Number 2 Diesel; however, your system may rely on a different type of oil depending on the make and model.

Our team can help you determine the best oil to use for your furnace.

Call (864) 536-0887 to learn how we can help refuel your system!
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