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Who Should I Call for Gas Line Repair?

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Gas lines require a great deal of training and experience to service. And no one is better skilled and equipped for gas line repair than, you may or may not have guessed it—a plumber!

Most people think of a plumber as someone who can unclog a drain, fix a running toilet, and repair leaky faucets and pipes. If you have a sewer line problem, you’ll call a plumbing technician. But their expertise isn’t limited to servicing water and sewage lines. Gas line repair and installation are part of a plumber’s job as well.

What Do Gas and Water Lines Have in Common?

Even though they transport different substances, gas lines and water pipes are made of the same things. Copper is extremely common. It is strong and corrosion-resistant. Steel is durable and well-suited for transporting natural gas, while plastic affords the flexibility to accommodate certain applications inside and outside the home. Gas and water pipes are also set up in much the same way, so plumbers tap into the same skills whether installing or repairing one or the other.

Plumbers Have the Professional Expertise to Perform Gas Line Repair

You always want someone with experience to service your gas lines. If an amateur were to attempt the work, they may not be able to fix a leak. Or, the solution they provide may not be permanent. Your gas line may be prone to additional leaks and other issues. 

Fires, explosions, and releases of toxic gas can also occur. Therefore, having a licensed technician work on your gas line is a serious safety matter. They can also address the root cause of the problem, whether a pipe has become worn, eroded, disconnected, or damaged by tree roots or a fitting or shut-off valve is faulty.

Why Call a Plumber for a Gas Leak?

Plumbers are trained to safely work around gas lines. Aside from the safety factor, the skills and experience of a plumber come in handy because of:

  • Building Codes: In many places, some laws require a licensed professional to perform gas line repairs. Having anyone else work on a gas line or appliance would violate the law. Even if local codes and regulations don’t specify it, hiring a licensed professional for gas pipe repair or installation is a good idea.
  • Emergency Service: A licensed plumbing professional, along with your local utility company, can quickly respond if you suspect a gas leak. If there’s a sulfuric or rotten egg smell, evacuate your home and call for help. The professionals will protect your family, home, and neighbors from injury and property damage.
  • Help with Appliances: In addition to gas lines, experienced plumbers can help install or repair a gas-powered appliance. Whether there’s one appliance acting up or you’re remodeling your home, they can work on HVAC systems, water heaters, furnaces, laundry machines, fireplaces, outdoor grills, and other systems with a natural gas connection. A plumber can even reroute gas lines if you’re changing the layout of your home.

When Do I Call for Gas Line Repair?

Call your local plumber if you experience or notice any of the following:

  • Symptoms such as dull headache, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, confusion, fatigue, or loss of consciousness.
  • A sulfur or rotten egg odor; it’s from a substance added by gas companies to make natural gas leaks detectable.
  • Hissing or whistling sounds near a gas line, which means a crack or break is allowing gas to escape.
  • A gas line is rusted or dented or bubbles appear when you apply a liquid to the pipe or fitting.
  • An increase in your gas bill, meaning natural gas is being used (or wasted by a leak) despite no increased use of gas appliances.
  • Malfunctioning appliances that may not be working due to a gas leak or may themselves have a problem that increases the risk of gas exposure.

A plumber can also help prevent gas leaks. If you plan to dig around your yard or home, call a professional or 811 to determine whether there’s an underground pipe in that area. Knowing that can avoid causing accidental damage. Also, a plumber can inspect a gas line if you notice corrosion or possible breakage, or provide a routine inspection if you have an older home.

Call Waldrop for Professional Gas Line Repair

Waldrop provides gas line repair and installation in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. We can repair copper and black iron gas lines, flexible gas lines, gas line valves and fittings, gas meters, and more. If you have a gas-using appliance that needs service, we can help there too. Our experienced plumbers can also provide preventative gas line maintenance, with discounts, priority service, and other benefits for members of our Family Service Plan. 

To request gas line repair in your Greenville or Spartanburg home, contact us online or call 864-536-0887 today.

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