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How to Prepare for an AC Service Call?


Eventually, every homeowner needs an HVAC contractor. Whether it’s time for a repair, maintenance, or system replacement, being prepared for an AC service call helps technicians be more productive and efficient. You can actively participate in the process by providing information about your AC system, troubleshooting it ahead of time, and asking the right questions. We’ll now explain how to prepare for an AC service call so your next one goes smoothly.

Gather Information About Your AC System

No one is expecting you to be an HVAC expert. However, it helps to know where the outdoor condenser, indoor air handlers, vents, and other major components are. You should also have handy:

  • Relevant Documentation: Pertinent documents to have ready include receipts, model numbers, and user manuals, which the technician can use to quickly reference information and/or parts to replace. Details on warranty coverage should be available as well.
  • Details on the Unit’s History: Having a record of problems and repairs the AC has had, plus information on issues that are occurring now, will help the technician troubleshoot the system. It also helps to provide them with the unit’s age and maintenance history.
  • Your Telephone: An HVAC technician will call the day before to confirm the appointment and when they are on the way. If you can’t be home, they may need your approval for a repair over the phone. But ideally, it’s best for you or someone over 18 to be home, and that pets are secured away from the work area.

Perform Some Troubleshooting

By troubleshooting the AC in advance, you can help the technician when they arrive. It may turn out you don’t need a professional, after all. As you prepare for the service call, be sure to check the:

  • AC Filter: Air filters should be changed regularly. If you’ve forgotten to change one, a blocked filter may be the reason for restricted airflow, no air from registers, or a frozen coil.
  • Thermostat: Check the display for any error messages. Also, look at the settings. A setting may have been overlooked or accidentally changed, which may be the reason for any comfort issues.
  • Batteries: A dead battery may be the reason your AC isn’t responding or the thermostat display won’t light up. If the batteries in your thermostat are weak or depleted, change them. You won’t need a tech if this fixes the problem.
  • Circuit Breakers: If the AC isn’t working and the thermostat is, check the circuit breaker. If it has tripped, reset the breaker; this avoids calling for help when the issue can be easily resolved.
  • HVAC Switches: The switches on the outdoor unit and indoor air handler can be accidentally turned off. Check these switches and turn them on if necessary, before you call for help.
  • Drain Line: When the drain line is clogged and there’s standing water in the drain pan, an emergency cutoff or float switch will shut down the AC to prevent water damage. If you can flush the drain line and unblock it yourself, you may not need a professional.

Know What Questions to Ask to Prepare for an AC Service Call

Your questions are an important part of a service call. An experienced HVAC technician will have no objections to answering a lot of questions, as they want you to fully understand the system and how to use and care for it. Here are some questions you should consider asking:

When Should I Schedule Maintenance Next?

HVAC contractors generally recommend maintenance in the spring and fall, and more frequently for older systems, so scheduling service calls is a good idea.

What Is the Best Thermostat Setting?

This undoubtedly depends on the season. Understanding how to use your thermostat can reduce family conflicts and help you know when to run the AC fan. Your contractor can provide suggestions and possibly save you money. 

Do I Need My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Air ducts should be cleaned every few years. This can improve airflow and indoor air quality. It also lets a technician determine if you need duct sealing, an air purifier, or a dehumidifier.

What Is Included in Your Maintenance Plan?

It seems just about every HVAC company has a different maintenance plan. Ask what theirs includes and what plan levels there are. Your technician can provide recommendations based on the condition of your AC system. 

Is My Older AC Still Worth Using?

Even if your system is running fine, have the technician take a closer look. They can estimate its remaining operating life and determine if repairs are worth it. If it’s time for replacement, the provider will help choose a new AC based on home size, climate, and efficiency ratings as well as options such as a heat pump.

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