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How to Prepare for a Drain Cleaning Service

How to Prepare for a Drain Cleaning Service

Drain cleaning services can prevent damage to your plumbing system and water from overflowing into your home. When you call for help, a reputable plumbing contractor arrives fully prepared to address the problem. However, you can help a drain cleaning professional work more efficiently. It just takes a little preparation. To help you understand how to prepare, we’ll look at the drain cleaning process and provide tips to follow before the plumber arrives. 

The Drain Cleaning Process

When a plumber gets to your home, they follow a detailed process. Here is what a drain cleaning service generally looks like:

  • Acquire Background Information: The technician will ask questions about the drain issues you’re having and about your plumbing system in general.
  • Diagnose the Problem: A specialized camera helps assess the cause of a blockage and the condition of your plumbing and sewage line.
  • Job Site Preparation: The technician will ensure the path from the nearest door to the drain access point is clear, and use drop cloths to protect nearby surfaces.
  • Drain Cleaning Is Performed: The drain cleaning machinery will be set up and used to remove clogs. It can also clear sewer pipes, but additional inspections are done if a blockage is further down the line.
  • Your Plumbing System Is Tested: Running several fixtures at once helps a plumber evaluate water flow and drainage. They may perform another camera inspection to verify whether the drain is cleared or if there’s damage that was hidden by the blockage.

How to Prepare for a Plumber’s Arrival

Preparing for a drain cleaning service can help the plumber work more efficiently and protect your property, whether you suspect a problem or it’s a preventative drain cleaning. We strongly recommend you take the following steps before a local plumbing technician is scheduled to arrive at your home:

  • Clean Countertops Near the Drain: Bottles of personal care products on your bathroom sink counter are convenient for your daily routine. However, they’re not for your plumber. Similarly, soap bottles, food boxes, and cleaning products on your kitchen counter are not for your plumber. Clear these items to give the plumber some workspace. 
  • Clear Out Cabinets: Under-sink cabinets should be cleared out. Place items normally stored there in a box you can put in a safe location. This ensures the plumber can access the pipes under a bathroom or kitchen cabinet.
  • Remove Nearby Clutter: Items on and under counters and cabinets aren’t the only ones that can get in a plumber’s way. Check for obstructions in the area around the affected drain and leading to it. If you have area rugs, wastebaskets, or furniture near the clogged drain, move them to an unobtrusive area. 

Also, make sure nothing is blocking the technician’s path from the front door to the location where they need to work. This includes valuables like artwork, antiques, and other decorative items that can potentially be damaged.

  • Avoid Adding Chemical Drain Cleaners: Don’t do anything with your drain while waiting for the plumber. You’re not going to help them by pouring down a chemical drain cleaner. You could make the clog worse or, even more, cause additional damage to your plumbing system (many chemical cleaners can corrode or damage pipes, causing more serious problems). 

Also, the chemicals can be harmful to you or the plumber (especially since they’ll be working on the drain and the pipes leading from it). Tell the technician if you did use a drain cleaner. Any water in the drain may be mixed with caustic chemicals so they’ll need to take the proper precautions.

  • Unplug Nearby Electrical Devices: If you have any electrical device, such as a hair dryer or flat iron, near the drain, unplug and remove it. It can cause serious injury if it accidentally falls into the sink when the plumber is working. Also, don’t leave your smartphone or tablet plugged into a charger on the kitchen counter. 

Unplug any appliance connected to an outlet a plumber might need for their tools. However, you probably won’t need to unplug larger appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine. These shouldn’t interfere with a plumber’s work.

Call Your Local Drain Cleaning Services Contractor

At Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air, we use advanced drain cleaning methods such as hydro jetting and eco-friendly drain cleaners. Our fully trained plumbers can perform leak detection, video camera inspections, pipe repair, and other plumbing services. Their equipment can clear some drain blockages in minutes. Larger clogs and other issues may take longer, but our team ensures the problem is fully resolved before leaving your home. 

To schedule service, use our online booking system to identify the problem and request an appointment. Or, call us at (864) 536-0887.

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