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How to Get the Best Deal with Plumbing Companies in Greenville, SC

How to Get the Best Deal with Plumbing Companies in Greenville SC

Are you researching plumbing companies in Greenville, SC, and concerned about pricing? Plumbing services vary in cost depending on the work performed. According to Forbes, unclogging a toilet may cost $150, while replacing a water heater can cost up to $1,200 (in 2023). For labor, a plumber may charge between $45 and $200 an hour.

While your budget may be tight, be weary of any plumber that charges too little. They may be less experienced and equipped. The risks and eventual costs may be significantly higher than the upfront investment. Balancing between cost and quality of service is the best deal when working with plumbing companies in Greenville, SC.

Here are some tips on finding that deal and long-term savings:

Find the Right Plumber

Don’t focus solely on what the plumber charges. It’s equally important to find a plumber that’s right for the job. Look for local, family-owned businesses with lower overhead and that don’t work on commission. They’re more likely to pass on the savings and less likely to oversell. Relying on word-of-mouth in the community, they depend on customer satisfaction to ensure their success. 

Make sure the plumbing company you choose:

  • Is licensed by the state
  • Has many years of experience
  • Can prove it is insured
  • Has few complaints registered with the state
  • Includes a satisfaction guarantee with service
  • Can provide satisfied customer references

Don’t Be Misled by Advertising or Coupons

Many plumbing companies build name recognition through radio and television ads. These don’t foretell anything about the quality of service, but they do cost a lot. Advertising expenses are often passed on to the customer. And look out for misleading ads, such as those with family photos to suggest a larger company is small and family-owned. 

Also, beware of coupons. They often aren’t what they seem. They’re often marketing tactics to lure customers in by promising a discount. A corporate plumber that’s liberal with coupons can still end up costing more than smaller local plumbing companies in Greenville, SC.

Schedule an In-Home Estimate

Any plumbing company should know your needs in precise detail before starting a project. Getting a quote over the phone doesn’t hurt. But a reputable plumber will want to see and assess the problem before estimating the total cost of repairs. To know what kind of deal you’re getting:

  • Ask for an estimate of both parts and labor costs.
  • Obtain an itemized list of parts and their costs.
  • Get at least three estimates before choosing a contractor.
  • Know whether subcontractors are used and what their level of experience is.
  • See that the company is bonded and insured, so any injuries on the job are covered.

Considering these points can help you find the best deal with plumbing companies in Greenville, SC, and avoid additional expenses. Also, consider scheduling the work on a weekday. You’ll avoid paying more, especially if the plumber charges extra for after-hours, weekend, or holiday service. On the other hand, the cost may double or triple if you have an emergency during these off times.

Know How the Plumber Sets Its Rates

Surprises can happen even after the most detailed estimates. A fixed-rate will stay the same no matter how long the job takes. However, many plumbers charge an hourly rate. If the company you plan on hiring does, ask them how long it will take to complete the project. The more experienced and qualified they are, the more accurate an estimate they can give. 

Why DIY Plumbing Repair Is Not a Deal

Homeowners often attempt DIY plumbing repairs to avoid the costs of hiring a plumbing company. While fixing plumbing yourself may feel rewarding, it may not save you money. You may need to purchase tools that cost more than what you might save. A mistake can offset savings and then some, possibly resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been avoided by hiring a professional. 

Therefore, working with an expert plumbing company can be a deal in itself and save money over time.

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Waldrop is an experienced plumbing services company in the Greenville, SC, area. We look at each problem up close to provide an estimate that includes material and labor costs. Whether you have a toilet, drain, fixture, gas line, or bathroom or kitchen plumbing problem, our team can solve the issue no matter its size or scope. Customers also receive annual plumbing inspections and drain services to avoid future issues. For service by a leading plumbing company in Greenville, SC, call (864) 536-0887 today.

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