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5 Signs It’s Time for Drain Pipe Repair


Underground drain pipes serve an important purpose. When they’re not working correctly, there can be serious consequences throughout your home. There’s no DIY fix for underground plumbing problems. You’ll need a professional plumber trained and equipped to provide sewer and drain pipe repair; oftentimes, it can be completed without digging if patch liners or other trenchless technologies are used.

These are five signs it’s time to call a plumber to fix your drain pipe:

  1. Sewage Backs Up Into Your Home: A sewer clog can prevent your drain system from working at all. It will often affect every drain in your house, potentially causing multiple areas of concern. The situation is dire as sewage can contain human waste, bacteria, and viruses in addition to various chemicals and contaminants. The issue may be preceded by warning signs like slow drains and changing toilet water levels.
  2. Foul Odors Throughout Your Home: If there’s no path for wastewater to drain, sewer gas may back up through the drain pipes. These odors can be extremely unpleasant and mean toxic and/or flammable gas is present. When only one drain smells, perhaps the P-trap has dried out; pouring water down the drain can fix the problem. Call a plumber right away if drains all over your home stink.
  3. Your Hear Gurgling Sounds from Drains: Gurgling noises are often caused by sewer gas pushing through water in the P-trap. The gas may be blocked by an obstruction, a collapsed line, or tree roots. The noise may also be due to water struggling to pass through the pipes. Any time you hear gurgling or running water sounds when the taps aren’t running, call a plumber.
  4. Soggy Areas Form in the Yard: Your yard shouldn’t be wet if it hasn’t rained. A red flag for a drain pipe leak is when soggy spots form on a lawn or in a garden. Foul odors, localized soil sinking, or patches of greener, thicker grass may be present too. Smelly standing water from an underground source is a sure sign of a sewer line problem. A plumber can locate where it’s coming from and perform drain pipe repair at the source of the damage.
  5. An Unexplainable Spike in Your Water Bill: Your monthly water bill shouldn’t change if you use the same amount of water. If you suddenly notice much higher fees, this is a leading sign of pipe damage or a leak. Don’t brush it off as just another hike in prices. Let your plumber know so they can check out the situation; once they fix it, your water bill should return to where it was.

Contact Waldrop for Drain Pipe Repair

Our licensed, experienced plumbers know how to fix drain pipes inside and outside your home. We’ve seen and corrected many damaged sewer lines in the Greenville and Spartanburg areas. For decades, we’ve been providing drain and sewer line repair and can provide whole-house repiping, hydro jetting, and excavation. If you experience any of the signs above, schedule drain pipe repair by contacting us online or calling 864-536-0887.

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