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Who Do I Call for Garbage Disposal Repair?

Who Do I Call for Garbage Disposal Repair?

Your garbage disposal is a modern convenience and an integral part of your plumbing system. Therefore, it’s important to know who to call for garbage disposal repair when you need it. A complex mix of plumbing and electrical components means disposals are prone to issues. Clogs, jams, and breakdowns seem inevitable and can be challenging to resolve.

An Experienced Plumber Can Help

Fortunately, you can trust a local licensed plumber for garbage disposal repair. A plumber has the knowledge, tools, and experience to address any garbage disposal problem. Although some disposal issues are electrical, a plumber is likely trained to handle these. Electricians generally work on home wiring, outlets, breaker panels, etc., so call your local plumber first.

When Should I Call a Plumber for Garbage Disposal Repair?

If the garbage disposal won’t turn on, that’s a good reason to call a plumber. However, make sure the issue is originating from the disposal before calling. If flipping the switch doesn’t turn the unit on, there may be an electrical problem. First, make sure it’s plugged in or press the disposal’s reset button. Otherwise, check for a tripped circuit breaker. Contact your local plumber if the garbage disposal still isn’t working.

Other signs you need a plumber include:

  • The Unit Is Humming: If you turn on the garbage disposal and it’s humming but not grinding, it is jammed. Turn it off and look inside the drain with a flashlight. Clear the blockage with a spoon or other long implement if possible. If you’re handy enough, flip the circuit breaker, power the unit, and dislodge the jam using the flywheel-turning hole at the bottom (turn it clockwise with an offset wrench). However, if you’re not comfortable with this or the effort is unsuccessful, you’ll need a professional’s help.
  • Your Sink Drain Is Slow: Run the disposal longer to break up the material and let it drain. If the sink is still backed up, the clog is further down the pipe. Never pour a chemical drain cleaner into the unit. You can try disconnecting the unit from the discharge pipe and looking for obstructions to clear. If you don’t see anything, a clog may be deeper in your plumbing system. Call a plumber if you have any uncertainties or can’t clear the drain.
  • The Garbage Disposal Has a Leak: A garbage disposal unit has various connections and other points where it can leak. The solution can be as simple as tightening a bolt with a wrench. Call a plumber if you can’t tell where it’s leaking from or tightening any connections doesn’t stop the unit from leaking. Replacing the connection, using putty to seal around the disposal, or installing a new O-ring, gasket, or flange can fix the problem.

What Types of Garbage Disposal Issues Does a Plumber Fix?

At Waldrop, our plumbers can fix a wide range of issues. If food waste keeps overflowing, we can determine the cause and repair the unit. We also fix problems such as odors, loud noises, and overheating. The sound of grinding metal means an object is stuck in the blades or there’s an issue with a part. A smoking garbage disposal can mean its motor is failing or it has a short circuit.

If the disposal is leaking, a plumber will inspect the unit to determine the source of the leak. Common sources include the dishwasher connection; the hose will be replaced if necessary. However, if there’s a leak at the discharge drainpipe, the gasket seal between the pipe and the disposal may need to be replaced. If the unit is draining slowly or not at all, disassembling the drain trap enables a technician to look for clogs or obstructions in the discharge pipe.

Garbage disposal issues are also often caused by faulty wiring. Attempting to fix a wiring issue yourself is a safety hazard. If the unit keeps shutting off or tripping the circuit breaker, there could be an electrical short. Only a trained professional has the skills and tools to safely troubleshoot and correct the problem.

Call Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air

Customers throughout Greenville and Spartanburg Counties depend on Waldrop for help with garbage disposal repair. Our team undergoes routine professional training and can work with all makes and models. No matter the nature or scope of the problem, we can fix it. If necessary, we’ll install and connect a new system so it can be used safely and effectively. To schedule garbage disposal services in your home, call Waldrop at (864) 536-0887 today.

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