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When Should I Call a Water Heater Repair Service?

When Should I Call a Water Heater Repair Service?

Promptly calling a water heater repair service can often save time and money. If you’re diligent and don’t procrastinate, water heater repairs aren’t always expensive. Here are signs and situations when you should call a water heater contractor for immediate service:

The Water Isn’t Warm Enough

When you turn on a hot water faucet, the water temperature should be about the same every time. Call for help if you turn on a sink or shower and the water is suddenly cooler or doesn’t get hot at all. Fluctuating water temperatures also signal trouble. If the water shifts from hot to cold and back again unpredictably, it not only means your water heater is on the fritz, but you’re also at risk of being scalded.

Hot Water Runs Out Quickly

Hot water shouldn’t run out unless it’s on longer than usual or multiple fixtures run simultaneously. If it does during normal usage, your water heater’s burner or heating element may be failing. Ignoring the problem can soon lead to no hot water once the unit breaks down.

Low Pressure When Hot Water Is Running

If the water pressure is lower when running hot water, schedule a water heater repair. Mineral deposits in the tank or pipes are often the reason. Aging water heaters also often cause reduced water pressure. Repairing or replacing the unit will restore normal water pressure before additional plumbing damage occurs.

Hot Water is Leaking

Call for water heater repair near you if there’s any leakage from the unit. A water heater leak may appear as a small trickle down the side of the tank or a pool of water around its base. No matter how small, a water leak can do significant damage. If the tank has cracked or ruptured, the water heater may have to be replaced.

The Water Heater Is Making Loud Noises

Unusual sounds can be due to mineral scale buildup burning inside the water heater, a loose connection, or another problem. Noises to be concerned about include banging, popping, whining, gurgling, or cracking. If you hear sizzling, there may be a water flow problem; in a gas water heater, it can indicate excess condensation in the system. It can also mean an internal leak is causing water to drip onto a burner. 

Water Quality Isn’t Quite Right

Call a water heater repair service if there’s cloudy water from a hot water tap. This is often due to minerals building up inside the tank. A strange sulfur-like odor can mean bacteria are growing in the unit, while a metallic taste should convince you to call a professional. Rusty water is a sign of water heater damage (if both your hot and cold water taps yield rusty water, the problem is in your plumbing). 

Your Household Is Using More Hot Water

Even if your water heater can handle the demand, an increase in usage can cause various issues and symptoms to surface. Perhaps you’ve taken in a new roommate. Or, your plumbing system was recently updated. These situations can affect your water heater, especially if water consumption is higher. Consider having the system serviced to identify and fix any issues or determine whether it’s still suited for your needs.

Should I Repair My Hot Water Heater?

This depends on the type of repair, its cost, and the water heater’s age. If the unit has reached the end of its lifespan and requires an expensive repair, it’s time to consider a new one. Most gas water heaters last a decade, while electric models can last 15 years or more.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Water Heater?

Before you call for water heater repair near you, try checking the power switch or circuit breaker, the pilot light, or for a gas leak or supply issue. Checking the thermostat can determine if it’s set to the right temperature so you can adjust it. Restarting an electric water heater can get it working again.

Can I Flush a Water Heater Without a Professional?

You can flush it by turning off the unit and opening the drain valve (with the cold water supply off). Let the water run for a few minutes; make sure it’s going into a drain or bucket. Wait until the water runs clear. Call a professional if it stays cloudy or discolored or if the water heater hasn’t been serviced in a while.

Call Waldrop for Water Heater Repair Service

When you notice any of the signs we’ve mentioned, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for repairs. Our technicians are trained to address any water heater issue in Upstate South Carolina homes and businesses. They can fix gas and electric water heaters as well as tankless, hybrid, condensing, and solar-powered models. To have your water heater evaluated and repaired, call (864) 536-0887 today.

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