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What To Expect With An Air Conditioning Service Call

There are several primary home mechanical systems like the HVAC system that should be tended to on an annual basis. If the air conditioning unit is part of an HVAC system, a yearly maintenance service call can be scheduled in the spring just after the winter heating season. This will ensure the system is ready before the cooling season begins.

Regularly Scheduled Air Conditioning Service Calls

An A/C service call that includes a system cleaning can be vitally important to ensure the system runs efficiently. During the service call, the professional technician will service and clean the system and change the air conditioning filter. Cleaning the A/C system and changing out the air filter will help ensure that allergens are reduced in the home and will help to maximize airflow.

Air conditioning systems are like any home mechanical item; they do break down and have problems over time. The best way to ensure an air conditioning unit lasts for years to come is by having an annual maintenance plan for early detection and preventative maintenance.

A/C System Cleaning Service Calls

If a homeowner has an air conditioner maintenance plan, a technician will come out on a scheduled appointment basis and clean and service the air conditioner annually. If there are any small parts that need replacing, the service technician will likely be able to accommodate this the same day.

In some cases, the system may need a cleaning and a tune-up replacement of necessary components. If this is the case, the technician will arrive and usually be able to complete the task the same day unless it is an end of the day appointment and unexpected parts are needed. General air conditioning cleaning and tune-ups take about an hour.

Air Conditioning Part Replacement

If there is a defective part or a part that shows signs of weakness, the technician will schedule another appointment to return and complete the job as soon as the new part arrives. In most cases, during the wait time, the air conditioner should continue to operate as it has previously.

Emergency Air Conditioning Service Calls

When getting an emergency home air conditioning service call for a faulty air conditioner, there are a few important things to consider. Because it’s an emergency call, there may be limitations on what the technician can repair depending on the time of day. We understand it can be stressful to be without air conditioning in the summer. We guarantee our high-quality professional AC technicians will do their best to get your system up and running as quickly as possible.

In most cases, repairs can be made the same day as the service call. However, there are occasions when parts will need to be ordered for the unit, which means the system will be down until the parts arrive. When there’s a minor emergency call, the technician may be able to clean and get the system up and running within two hours or less.

Major A/C Repairs or Replacement

If the repair is significant, then the professional air conditioning technician will discuss the options with the homeowner. In some cases, it may be wisest to look at installing a new air conditioning unit if the repairs are costly. For homeowners with older systems, replacement may be the best option. In addition to having the benefit of a better working system, new air conditioning units are much more efficient than older systems. Because of this, they often pay for themselves in energy savings within the first five years after installation.

Our Team

If your air conditioning unit is showing signs of mechanical problems such as poor output, inconsistent cooling or higher than usual energy bills, or you need basic cleaning and servicing, give our professional team a call. With our years of experience in the business, you can be sure you’ll get the best AC work for your needs.

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