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What Can I Expect Heating Repair to Cost?


At Waldrop, our Upstate South Carolina customers count on us for high-quality heating repairs done right on the first visit. First, people usually want to know what fixing their furnace will cost. If you’re lucky, your furnace may last 15 to 20 years, especially if you maintain it properly. Along the way, you’ll likely need a repair or two. Here’s a look at what it may cost.

Average Cost of Heating Repair

On average, it costs $308 to repair a furnace, as of 2022, according to HomeAdvisor. The typical range is $131 to $486.1 Forbes also places the average cost at around $300. On the high end, a more significant repair can come at a price of up to $1,200.2 

The cost of furnace repair also depends on the type of unit. Below is a breakdown of price ranges for the most common types of furnaces:

  • Electric Furnace Repair: $50 to $300
  • Gas/Propane Furnace Repair: $300 to $1,200
  • Oil Furnace Repair: $300 to $1,200

Repair Costs by Part

Heating repair costs differ significantly depending on what needs to be done. Here are some examples of what you may spend for specific parts:

  • Heat Exchanger: Expect to spend up to $200 to repair a heat exchanger. But if it needs to be replaced, prices vary by brand—a new one can cost from $500 to $1,500.1
  • Blower Motor: Repairing the blower motor can cost $150 to $450. Replacing the motor and fan (squirrel cage fan) is a different story; some brands of motors run up to $2,000.1
  • Furnace Coil: The furnace condenser or evaporator coil isn’t in the furnace, but uses the blower and ductwork to distribute heat. It can cost $600 to $2,000 to replace.1
  • Draft Inducer Motor: While fixing the fan wheel may cost just $20 for parts, replacing this motor can run anywhere from $600 to $1,500.1
  • Oil Combustion Chambers: An oil furnace has two combustion chambers. The first is where the oil sits before being transferred to a heating chamber. The oil chamber costs $100 to $200 to replace, but the molded ceramic fiber oil combustion chamber runs from $200 to $600.3
  • Gas Valve: Typically attached to the thermocouple to enable emergency cut-off, a furnace gas valve can cost $200 to $600 to replace.1
  • Thermocouple: The thermocouple is generally simple to replace. But with labor, the job costs from $150 to $250.1
  • Igniter: Expect to spend up to $150 to replace an igniter. It’s a common part to fail. If you require after-hours or emergency service, the job can cost as much as $500.1
  • Control/Circuit Board: Replacing the furnace’s main circuitry can cost $200 to $600. The price can depend on the age of the furnace, its brand, and the type of model (for a single-stage unit, the repair can cost as little as $75).1

Other parts that may be replaced during heating repair include the flue pipe, which costs $400 to $800 (length and accessibility are the primary cost factors). Meanwhile, a relay or high-limit switch may cost only $5 to $20; but with labor, the overall cost can be as high as $300. Replacing a flame sensor can cost up to $250, a transformer up to $175, and a thermostat up to $300 (a smart thermostat can run up to $600).1

Cost of Cleaning a Furnace

Cleaning the system regularly can avoid repair expenses later. New filters cost from $10 to $30 and your furnace filter should be cleaned or changed every month.1 However, cleaning the ductwork can cost from $250 to $500. While this will yield cleaner air, it’s not known if it’ll extend the life of your furnace.2

Cost of a Tune-Up and Inspection

Having your furnace inspected can cost up to $100, but you can save by purchasing an annual inspection package. A tune-up usually costs $100 to $200 minimum. But also note that HVAC contractors typically charge $75 to $125 per hour and a tune-up can require up to 2 hours of work.1

Contact Waldrop for Heating Repair

Homeowners in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties can depend on our NATE-certified technicians for furnace, heat pump, and other heating repair services. We can fix any problem and our consistent five-star ratings are proof we can rise to any challenge. Offering service plans and financing, we strive to work within your budget regardless of the size and scope of the repair. To get started, schedule your heating repair online or call 864-536-0887.

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