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What Can a Plumber in Greenville, SC Do to Prevent Future Issues?


You can do many things to keep your plumbing in good condition. But don’t only rely on plumbers in an emergency. Plumbing technicians can prevent issues from occurring in the future and save you a lot of money. Below, we’ll look at the services and preventative measures a plumber in Greenville, SC can perform so you have less to worry about later.


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Advanced Drain Cleaning

Store-bought chemical drain cleaners often don’t work and can damage your plumbing. A plumbing professional doesn’t guess what the problem might be. They’ll use specialized video cameras to see what’s clogging your pipes and what it’s made of. At Waldrop, we use pipe cleaning solutions that aren’t corrosive, are much safer for the environment, and will reduce the risk of future clogs. 

Hydro Jetting

For deeper plumbing and sewer line clogs, we employ hydro jetting to force material free with high-pressure streams of water. It’s a fast, safe, and effective method of clearing obstructions including grease, soap, mineral scale, and tree roots. No chemicals are used and virtually any type of material can be cleared away, leaving nothing behind for more debris to stick to.

Professional Leak Detection

Oftentimes, the only signs of a leak are stained walls and ceilings, mold growth, and water sounds. Those don’t tell you where the leak or its cause is. Plumbers in Greenville, SC, can use not only video cameras but also thermal imaging, pressure testing, and sound amplification to find leaks deep inside walls, above a ceiling, or beneath your slab foundation. These methods are highly accurate and non-invasive while helping to find smaller issues before you’re left with thousands of dollars more in repairs.

Automatic Shut-Off Valve Installation

An automatic shut-off valve protects your home if flooding occurs while you’re away. Activated by in-home leak detection systems, it turns off your main water supply in response to pooling water or a decline in water pressure. Therefore, it can respond when, for example, your basement gets flooded during a storm or plumbing emergency. 

Water Heater Flush

Relying on a plumber in Greenville, SC, to flush your water heater can avoid many problems. Sediment from the water supply can build up in the tank, causing the water heater to wear out. Over time, this can lead to serious damage and shorten the appliance’s life. A water heater flush preserves water quality, boosts energy efficiency, and can save you on water heater repairs and premature replacement.

Replace Your Home’s Older Pipes

Water pipes degrade over time. Plus, piping materials used before the 1970s were inferior to those used today. We recommend replacing old copper pipes. Your existing pipes may have pinhole leaks that are hard to detect. They may not only be wasting water. Corroding pipes are at risk of total failure. You can avoid dealing with a burst or broken pipes by having them replaced; our technicians will ensure your plumbing remains intact for the foreseeable future.

Install Water Softening/Filtration Systems

Minerals like calcium and magnesium are harmless to people but can build up in pipes and plumbing fixtures. This can eventually lead to low water pressure, clogs, and pipe damage. Water softeners remove these minerals to prevent future problems. 

We also install high-quality water filtration systems that can eliminate chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, pesticides, and other harmful compounds. While point-of-use water filtration helps, we can install whole-home water filtration systems. These ensure your entire water supply is safe.

Gas Line Repair

The sooner you recognize a gas line issue, the more trouble you can avoid. If there’s a rotten egg smell, rust on a gas line/fitting, or a damaged gas line, call for help right away. Natural gas appliances or heater burners may stop working if there’s a leak. You can check for a leak by applying liquid to a gas line; if it starts to bubble, leak repair is needed. Gas exposure can be unhealthy, so prompt repairs by a plumber can prevent serious problems later.

At Waldrop, we fix and replace flexible, copper, and black iron gas lines. Our professionals also service gas line valves and fittings as well as gas meters. In addition, we can install gas connections for new furnaces, boilers, water heaters, fireplaces, or kitchen appliances.

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Waldrop is a reputable plumbing services company in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. Our plumbers have the expertise, knowledge, and tools to resolve and even prevent plumbing issues. No project is too big or too small. If you want to prevent future plumbing mishaps in your home, schedule service or call 864-536-0887 now for an appointment.

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