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Three Myths About Tankless Water Heaters We’re Debunking!

Side by side comparison of an old, dirty water heater and a new tankless water heater.

We’ve heard them all. There are numerous myths surrounding tankless water heaters and our Waldrop team is here to debunk these top three. Please read below to find out today!

They’re Too Expensive

One of the biggest strikes against a tankless water heater is the price. When comparing a tank and tankless water heater by looking at just the price tag, a traditional tank may seem more appealing but there are hidden costs with a tank system that tankless systems do not have. For instance, tankless systems last longer than a tank water heater, meaning you will have to spend the money to replace it sooner. Traditional systems also have a higher monthly utility cost whereas a tankless system will save you money on a monthly basis. These are important factors to take into consideration before you purchase a system based on the initial price alone.

Unsafe Water Temperature

When it comes to a tankless system, it may seem hard to believe that the same technology is within the small, compact system. Many believe that the size of a tankless prevents it from having an adjustable format but that is simply not the case. In fact, these systems actually provide a more customized experience allowing you to change the temperature based on your needs and even prevent scalding.

They Require Natural Gas

While it is true that SOME systems require natural gas, not all do! Tankless systems have different options to choose from depending on your home’s needs. Some use propane-powered systems that work just as well and are just as efficient. There are also electric options that reportedly use about 15-20% LESS energy than your conventional electric tank system.

Now that you’re aware of the common myths surrounding tankless water heaters, it’s time to schedule your service. Our Waldrop team is ready to deliver the difference and help you enjoy HOT showers once again.

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