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3 Things You NEED To Know Before You Replace Your HVAC System

Before you replace your HVAC system, there are a few items you need to consider when investing in your next comfort system. Our Waldrop Plumbing — Heating — Air team is committed to delivering the difference for you and your family, so we have listed three crucial components of replacing your HVAC system. 

Professional Installation

Waldrop technician retrieving tools from fleet vehicle during service call.

Although there are several routes to take when buying a new HVAC system, it’s crucial to have a professional install your system. Choosing to buy your system online or from a third-party dealer may seem like a great idea with a lower price, but your installation will most likely require a professional.

When you have a technician install your system, you may run into the issue that they only install equipment provided by them due to manufacturer warranties.

Load Calculation

Two outdoor HVAC systems side-by-side, one with a tool bag sitting on top.

Choosing the correct sized system for your home is crucial to its overall performance. If you recently purchased your home, added on to your home, or think the previously installed unit was incorrectly sized, a load calculation is essential for your new system.

If your unit is too small, it won’t be able to cool your home properly, and if it’s too large, it will cycle on and off frequently, inflating your utility bill. A load calculation determines the size of the system your home needs by matching your home’s cooling capacity with its thermal characteristics.

SEER Rating

Graphic showing tiers of seer ratings 8 through 20, 14 being the minimum for new systems.

A SEER, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, is used to measure your system’s energy efficiency. In 2015, the Department of Energy raised the minimum SEER to a 13 while South Carolina requires a 14. A SEER rating between 14 and 22 is considered energy-efficient, so it’s best to look for a system in that range to reduce your utility bills and carbon footprint.

Speak With a Professional

If you’re in the market for a new system, experience the difference with our Waldrop team! We’ll ensure you stay comfortable all year with the right HVAC system.

Call our team today at (864) 536-0887 to schedule an appointment.

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