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The Top 5 Home Drain Issues and How to Avoid Them

People avoid calling a plumber for services as much as possible. They worry about the costs and headaches of it all. However, when things go wrong, and there is a plumbing issue, it can cost more to try to repair it yourself than to call a professional in first. At Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air, we know all about drain emergencies. Some things cannot be prevented and some that can.

Why Does My Drain Keep Backing Up?

Here are the most common plumbing problems that occur in your drains and how to prevent them from happening.

Blocked Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal systems are a great tool. They help food turn to a liquid that can be washed down the drain. However, people always try to put things down this unit that it cannot handle.

What things should you avoid putting down your garbage disposal?

  • Eggshells
  • Fibrous materials
  • Celery
  • Grease
  • Poultry Skin

Anything that has a high grease content, like meat, can quickly clog the unit. These units are powerful, but they can easily get hung up if a spoon or other device drops down into the drain.

  • To prevent an issue from your disposal – you should grind ice cubes in it periodically. The ice will help to dislodge any food or grit that is stuck inside the disposal. Always let the water run while using the unit, and let it run for a few minutes afterward to make sure the food has all washed away.

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Everyone in the home heavily uses the kitchen sink. It never fails, grease from cooking hamburger or other meats gets put down the drain. Once the fat cools, it solidifies and becomes sludge in the pipes. Oil should always be put in the garbage and never in the sink. A strainer can help ensure that the waste doesn’t get mixed in with dishwater or poured down the drain.

  • To prevent issues with grease blockage – you should flush the sink with boiling water periodically. It will melt any greasy buildup and help debris to flush down the pipes. You can also call your local plumber for professional drain cleaning services.

Backed Up Toilet

Most toilet clogs are the result of foreign objects being flushed. Some products make misleading claims, and their products can harm the drain lines. Regardless of what the package says, the only thing you should flush down your toilet is toilet paper. Those fancy wet wipes will clog your system quickly. People try to flush things like facial cleansing wipes, sanitary napkins, cigarettes, and cotton balls. That doesn’t even account for a home with children who might have a small toy floating around in there.

  • To prevent this – set a trash can by the toilet to ensure all items are put in this receptacle that cannot be flushed. Should the toilet overflow, shut off the water and call a plumber to help.

Clogged Shower

There is nothing worse than taking a shower, and the water is pooling at your feet. Numerous things can cause a blockage in the shower drain. All the hair from the body along with soap and debris washes down the drain lines. You can spend a fortune on store-bought cleaners, but they will buy you some time if that.

  • Prevention tip – You don’t want to damage your tub drain, so make sure to put a trap to collect hair and other stuff from washing down the pipes.

Water Heater Failure

While your water heater might not have a clogged drain line, it can malfunction. Many people call needing the help of a plumber because their shower was icy cold. Over time sediment can form in the bottom of the tank and eventually coat the heating elements causing them to malfunction.

  • To prevent this – it’s a good idea to flush and refill your water tank once a year to extend the life expectancy and keep it in good working order.

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