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The Benefits of a Home Generator

If you’re looking to prepare ahead of time for storm season, then you’ve probably considered getting a backup generator for your home at least once. There are plenty of different reasons to get a home generator, from the safety they offer our families to the ways in which they can help protect our wallets. Read on to learn some details about why a home generator might be a smart buy for you and your family before storm season hits.

Having a home generator minimizes the health risks that can follow a blackout.

Losing power during the most extreme temperatures of the year isn’t just uncomfortable–it can be downright dangerous. Very small children and elderly family members, in particular, are vulnerable to extreme temperatures, meaning that a poorly timed blackout can pose a serious health risk to some of our loved ones.

Having a home generator ensures that all members of our families will stay safe and warm during storm season, no matter the temperatures outside. Additionally, if we have generators to help keep the internal temperature of our homes at a safe level, our families won’t need to brave potentially dangerous conditions to get out of the house and drive to a more secure location.

Home generators can save you from post-blackout expenses.

Having a home generator can help prevent problems that are costly and aggravating to fix, such as burst pipes. When the water heater in our homes is able to stay up and running, we don’t need to worry about pipes freezing during the winter when the power goes out. If we lose power during a warm-weather storm, we’ll be able to rest assured knowing that your refrigerated food won’t spoil, either.

While losses such as burst pipes and spoiled food are fairly predictable, there are other expenses that arise during long blackouts that many people don’t think about. For instance, if the power outage lasts long enough and the temperatures are too severe to ride out without heat or AC, we might need to move our families to stay at a hotel. This can quickly add up to a pretty ugly bill!

Another hidden expense that many fail to consider is the cost of repeatedly eating out. Staying at hotels affords little to no ability to cook, meaning that most meals will need to be ordered in or purchased at restaurants.

Last but not least, it takes a lot of extra power to restore the ideal temperature in our homes once it’s been lost to a power outage. This can rack up a high power bill on top of everything else.

The consistency of a home generator can protect appliances from power surges.

After the initial shock of the initial power outage, countless appliances run the risk of withstanding damage from possible power surges once the power comes back on. Battery backups with surge protectors can certainly help, but these do not last as long or provide nearly as much protection as a home generator can.

In the unfortunate event that your home or power source is struck by lightning, the resulting surge won’t stop at fryings more delicate electronics such as TVs and computers. Even larger, more heavy-duty appliances such as washing machines and AC units can get fried. The circuitry in our homes can also get damaged, demanding a high price in resources and aggravation to replace.

To Recap:

As we all prepare our families and homes for storm season, make sure you consider the benefits of getting ready ahead of time with a home generator. Aside from the obvious comfort benefits offered by uninterrupted power, home generators can offer added protection for your appliances, pipes, and electricity-depended resources. Contact Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air to inquire about the purchase and installation of a backup home generator to keep your family safe and secure during this upcoming storm season!

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