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Should I Schedule Heat Pump Services in the Spring?


A heat pump provides heating and cooling. Therefore, the same system works hard all year to keep your home comfortable. It should be serviced in the spring just as it’s serviced in the fall. We strongly recommend scheduling professional heat pump services to ensure you have reliable cooling all summer.

Importance of Spring Heat Pump Maintenance

Proper maintenance in these transitional months can:

  • Avoid Summertime Breakdowns: A technician can tune your heat pump to make sure all its components are in working order. Fixing small issues can prevent a system failure in the middle of a heat wave. You won’t be left sweating and waiting while a technician is busy on other emergency calls.
  • Improve Energy Efficiency: Strained components and hidden damage can cause your heat pump to run inefficiently. If it loses efficiency, operating costs will increase. Minor adjustments and small repairs will reduce energy consumption. That means lower energy bills on top of spending less on fewer repairs.
  • Increase Lifespan: Your heat pump is about to go into full gear. Spring maintenance will help it work less hard, which means a tune-up can delay replacing the system. Instead of 5 to 8 years, your system may last 10 to 15 years before you need a new one.
  • Keep the Warranty Valid: Only a small percentage of units leave the factory with a fault, but the warranty will cover the costs if this is the case. You risk voiding the warranty by skipping out on routine inspections and tune-ups. The consequences can be extremely costly in the long run.
  • Improved Comfort: A strained heat pump will struggle to distribute cool air evenly throughout your home. Spring maintenance helps ensure that won’t happen this summer. Your comfort and well-being are dependent on having relief from the heat. A well-maintained heat pump can improve indoor air quality as well.

What Will a Maintenance Technician Do With My Heat Pump?

An HVAC professional will clean the inside and outside coils of dust, dirt, and debris. Foreign material can interfere with heat exchange and cause the system to overwork. Cleaning the coils prevents serious damage. It also eliminates bacteria and mold that can contaminate indoor air and put your health at risk.

Moving parts in your heat pump system will be cleaned and lubricated. These tasks reduce friction that increases energy consumption and wear on components. The technician will also check the refrigerant level and recharge the heat pump if necessary. Other important tasks include adjusting airflow, tightening electrical connections, and calibrating the thermostat. 

When providing heat pump services, a specialist will test the controls, especially those that allow the unit to switch between heating and cooling modes. A ductwork check is another important step. The technician will look for holes, cracks, and leaks and perform repairs as needed. If necessary, a duct in a garage, crawlspace or other unconditioned space can be insulated to improve efficiency. 

Can I Do Heat Pump Maintenance Myself?

Your heat pump should be looked at twice a year by a professional. However, you can care for it by changing the air filter regularly. Check the filter at least once a month for clogs. Also, remove any objects blocking AC vents or registers, including furniture, rugs, drapes, boxes, or toys. Debris, such as leaves, sticks, and weeds, should be removed from the outside condenser unit and cleared from around it. 

Check that your home is properly sealed as well. If the weatherstripping on door jams and window sashes appears worn, replace it. Feel for drafts around windows and doors and apply caulk if needed. Also, set your ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise so that air is blown downward to create a cooling effect, so you can turn up the thermostat, achieve the same level of comfort, and save energy.

Schedule Spring Heat Pump Services with Waldrop Today

Waldrop provides professional heat pump maintenance, repair, and installation in Upstate South Carolina. We service units from all leading manufacturers. Whether you have an air source, geothermal, or mini-split heat pump, our trained technicians will perform an inspection and tune-up to make sure it’s ready for summer. To make an appointment, schedule service online or call (864) 536-0887 today.

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