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Should I Call a Plumber for Water Filtration System Installation?

Should I Call a Plumber for Water Filtration System Installation?

Water filtration system installation isn’t a project to take on without calling a plumber. The filtration components are installed in line with your plumbing system near the main water shut-off valve. Plumbing entry points are often located in garages, basements, and utility closets. These areas are easy to access. 

However, this isn’t the main concern. Water filtration system installation requires pipe cutters, wrenches, plumbing solders, and other tools and materials. Cutting a pipe the wrong way, soldering a fitting incorrectly, or using the wrong fitting can cause a leak. If the water filtration system isn’t aligned or connected properly, it won’t be functional. These are big risks to take, given a home water filtration system costs nearly $2,200 on average to install (advanced systems can cost much more).1 

DIY Water Filtration System Installation Is Risky

If you’re going to install a water filtration system, you must fully understand how your plumbing system works. Cutting into pipes and other plumbing components isn’t easy. Making connections requires the right materials, equipment, and tools. In addition to your main water line, some filtering systems must be connected to your home drainage system. One mistake can lead to:

  • Water leaks
  • Water damage
  • Cross-contamination
  • No running water
  • Electrical hazards (short circuits, shocks, fires, etc.)

Why You Need a Plumber

Working with your plumbing system can cause unintended issues and, without the proper skills, tools, or experience, can be extremely dangerous. There are several reasons to call a plumber. It’s worth paying a licensed professional because, even with their hourly fees, the overall cost of the project can be less than repairs or starting over again after a DIY mishap.

Here’s why you need a plumber for water filtration system installation:

  • Safety: Do you know how to use a water filter wrench? How about a heavy-duty pipe cutter? These tools may not look complicated but require expertise to use correctly. Without a plumber, you risk injuring yourself on sharp objects. You could also purchase a tool that’s not suited for the task, leading to a poor connection that results in a water leak and mold growth. A plumber has all the tools needed to complete the job safely.
  • Professional Results: Plumbers are trained, licensed, and certified in the work they do. They often receive ongoing education to ensure they can safely and properly use the latest tools and work with all types of materials and equipment. Water filtration system installation involves taking precise measurements, applying the right techniques, and anticipating and solving any problems that come up during the project. 
  • Expert Knowledge: When you hire a professional plumber, you don’t have to rely on guesswork. There’s no uncertainty about which valve to shut off or fitting to connect your filter to. An experienced plumber is highly attentive to detail, so the entire job goes smoothly. They can also provide advice on using and maintaining your filtration system so it remains effective for many years.
  • Cost Savings: There’s no doubt about the money you can save with a professional plumber. Without the right experience, installing a filtration system can lead to water wastage not to mention issues that require costly repairs or a replacement. From buying tools you may never need again (and possibly the wrong ones) to voiding the warranty, hiring a plumber can prevent numerous issues that can drain your budget. 

Licensed plumbers are also typically insured, so anything that goes wrong on their watch is usually fixed at no extra cost.

  • Efficiency: If a plumber has training and several years of experience with water filtration system installation, they can complete the project more quickly than someone who has yet to experience it. They can move seamlessly from one task to another, even if the work is complex. If something goes wrong, they can find effective solutions that quickly get them back on track. A technician can even anticipate an issue and take corrective measures before it delays the project.

How to Find the Right Plumber for the Job

To find a plumber, you can use personal referrals, search online reviews and referral sites, or contact a professional contractor directly. Knowing the type and model of water filtration system you need can also help. Water softening systems, well-water filters, reverse osmosis filters and other systems have specific installation requirements. It’s important to find a plumber who’s familiar with these and look into their:

  • License: Check that the plumber has the proper license for the project. This ensures all the work they do will be compliant and will pass an inspection.
  • Insurance: A plumber’s liability insurance protects you from having to pay for property damage or injuries while they’re working in your home.
  • Experience: Ask how many years the plumber has been installing water filtration systems. Producing high-quality work requires several years of experience.
  • Reputation: Aside from online review sites, check networks of local plumbers or even with the Better Business Bureau. Obtaining a personal reference or referral from a family member or friend is also recommended.
  • Estimate: Get a written estimate that includes every aspect of the job, so you can compare it to quotes from other contractors. Also, ask about the payment schedule; does the plumber want 100% upfront (then walk away) or certain percentages of the total at each stage of the project?

Call Waldrop for Water Filtration System Installation

Knowledgeable in many types of water filtration systems, we find and install the right one for your home. Our trained professionals are familiar with the latest technologies. They install point-of-use and whole-home filtration equipment and also provide in-home water quality testing to precisely determine your water filtration needs. We also offer coupons and financing to help you afford cleaner, safer water. To learn more or schedule water filtration system installation in your Upstate South Carolina home, call (864) 536-0887 today.


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