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How to Prepare Your Plumbing For Summer

Summer Plumbing Tips | Waldrop Plumbing-Heating-Air

Summer is just a few days away, and if you haven’t started preparing your home for all fun the activities, now’s the time to do so! With the plethora of guests visiting your home, your plumbing is going to be working over time. So, to ensure that your home is ready to party, inside and out, here’s what you should be doing to now so you aren’t spending a beautiful summer day waiting for one of our experts!

Head Outdoors

The summer heat is going to take a toll on your lawn, leading to an increase in water usage. To ensure you aren’t dealing with broken pipes, clogged sprinklers or a broken hose — you’ll want to give everything a quick once-over!

If you have inground sprinklers, check to see if all heads are correctly working and unclogged by giving them a good cleaning. Look over your water spikes and turn them on/off to find any leaks. If you are finally taking out your trusty garden hose, you’ll then want to inspect it for any holes or breaks. Note: be sure to correctly put it away after each use to avoid any backyard trips and slips.

Check or Install a Sump Pump

Though we like to often think about the sunny summer days, the warm, humid months ahead can lead to the not so exciting hurricane season. If your home is not adequately equipped for the rainy days ahead, you could be knee deep in unwanted water!

If you already own a sump pump, be sure to test it before the first significant storm. You can do this by making sure the power is on, followed by adding a bucket of water to see if it’s working. Once you get the clarity that it does function, you can then remove the water.

If any part of your home is below ground level, and you don’t have a sump pump, it’s time to invest. This device will prevent water from flooding — and when it comes to cost, you’ll be glad you spent the extra cash now instead of the amount it will cost to clean up a significant flood later.

Prep Your Bathroom For Guests

Holiday parties, pool time, and summer guest galore, all these things mean more bathroom traffic! Not only will you be using more water, but you’ll also be more susceptible to clogs, wear and tear — without the proper preparation of a possible burst pipe.

To get your bathroom ready for the high traffic, fix any cosmetic details you weren’t happy with, set that slow drip you’ve been ignoring and take care of any water pressure issues you may have been putting off.

Look For Leaks

While you’re primping and prepping your bathroom, keep an eye out for any minor issues that might be occurring. If you notice added condensation on the bottom of your pipes, there could be a small leak somewhere. Though this issue might seem minor, it could lead to something way worse if ignored — so get it fixed ASAP.

Don’t forget about your kitchen sink, too! Chances are you’ll be doing a lot more hand washing, which will lead to way more sink usage. If you discover water pooling around the faucet or a small drip/leak, don’t delay and get it fixed today.

Be Aware of Clogs

Clogs are one of the most common plumbing woes and can be quiet easy to fix and walk away from — but trust us, that is not the answer. Whether it’s a shower clog or toilet clog, a quick liquid drainer fix is a BIG no. Although, it might help alleviate the issue quickly, it can do further damage down the road.

Not only can it cause issues with your pipes, it’s an easy way to ignore a more significant problem at hand. If you have to spend your entire day plunging the clogs away, then it’s time to call your trusty plumber to have a good look. The appointment now can save you from a significant summer flood.

Think Energy Efficiency

You’re probably used to your summer electric bill being higher than average, and your water consumption can going up — but there are many little things you can do each day to ensure you are as energy conscious as possible.

With all the outside play, your dirty clothes pile is going to fill up fast. Instead of continually running small loads, save energy by only washing/drying full loads.

Save water by taking shorter showers, only run the dishwasher when it’s full, and turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth. These little things can in time make a big difference!

Be Kind to Your Garbage Disposal

Though you might be rushing around all summer long, don’t forget to keep your garbage disposal-care in mind! Many things don’t belong down your drain so be mindful of this when your party goers are offering to clean up. Ask them to scrape any bones, fibrous foods and fats in the garbage — and to always run water while using your disposal, too. These little tips can keep it from a major breakdown.

To keep your summer full of family fun instead of spending it waiting for your plumber — keep an eye on your plumbing and give it the right TLC. You’ll thank us later.

Looking to get your plumbing summer ready? Contact Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air at (864) 536-0887 for all your plumbing needs!

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