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Heating Tips to Save This Winter

The holiday season is here, and as you begin to stay comfy and warm in your home, you might be inclined to reach for your thermostat. And though temperatures aren’t always predictable, here are a few ways you can keep your temperature even without a sudden rise in your energy bill.

10 tips to help you save money and stay warm this season.

Balance the Temperature

Lowering your temperature is the last thing you want to do when it’s cold outside, but doing so can help you save up to 10 percent on your expenses. Wearing warmer clothes during the day and keeping the thermostat lower when you’re out of the house can make a sizable difference in your bill, and you most likely won’t feel much of a difference, either.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can automatically adjust to lower your home’s temperature when you’re away. Likewise, there are “smart” thermostats that naturally adapt to your preferences and lifestyle, making modifications on their own so you save money without a second thought.

Service Your HVAC

Contrary to popular belief, heaters can still run perfectly and need a repair. Many of the most common heating problems are unseen, and it takes a professional’s skill to identify issues that could be causing your system to run overtime.

Getting your HVAC tuned-up for the winter will catch any potential problems and guarantee you’ll avoid any sudden breakdowns.

Change Your Bedding

The right type of bedding for winter can make it more comfortable to lower your temperature at night, saving you money while you sleep. Swap cotton sheets for warm fleece or flannel instead. You can also invest in some inexpensive comforters to add an extra layer of warmth.

Wear the Right Clothes

At home, make sure that you wear weather-appropriate clothes. Even if the heat is on, wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt will make you colder during the winter. Instead, wear cozy, warm winter pajamas, long shirts, sweaters and layers that pack in the heat. This makes it easier to avoid running your heater for longer periods, and you may find that bundling up in comfortable clothes indoors allows you to lower your thermostat all season long.

Winterize Your Home

Weatherstripping kits are inexpensive and an easy way to get your home ready for winter. Most people are concerned about cold air seeping in, but the biggest problem is heat escaping. Heat loss lowers the temperature indoors, which ultimately causes your heater to run ineffectively.

You should also consider applying insulation window treatments and investing in thermal curtains, which can be pulled back during the day to warm rooms with sunlight and closed in the evening to keep heat indoors.

A winter roof inspection can also help ensure your house is properly insulated and protected against the icy temperatures and snow.

Clean Your Vents

If your vents collect a lot of dust, you’ll get less heat in your home. Make sure that you keep your baseboards and vents clean. You may also want to have your ducts cleaned by a professional if you never have before. Years of dirt, dust, and debris can cause your heater to work harder than it should, which costs you more money even if your average use doesn’t change.

Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

Not only will better insulation keep your home warmer and cooler year-round, but it could also be considered a tax-deductible improvement. Basement and attic insulation are especially helpful in improving your home’s comfort levels and saving money on heating and cooling.

Use a Humidifier

If your home’s air is too dry, heat escapes faster, and you’ll also be prone to suffering from greater respiratory irritation. A humidifier is relatively inexpensive and will help you keep warm and say goodbye to runny noses indoors.

Change Your Filters

If your system’s air filter hasn’t changed, there could be a heavy build-up of allergens and dirt that prevents heat from being evenly distributed throughout your home. A professional replacement is inexpensive and will help your system run more efficiently.

For all of your South Carolina heating repair and service needs, contact the professionals at Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air today.

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