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5 Common Furnace Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid


When was the last time you checked on the overall functionality of your furnace? Regular maintenance is crucial to the overall health and efficiency of your system. Avoid these common mistakes this winter to get the most out of your system.

Not Changing Your Filter

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Regularly changing your furnace’s filter is more important than you may think! The accumulation of dust and debris will have an impact on your entire HVAC system, not just your furnace. Changing your filter will significantly improve the performance of your system. Your furnace’s filter should be changed at least every 90 days, and if you aren’t too keen on doing it, one of our technicians would gladly help you change your filter.

Skipping Annual Maintenance

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To maintain the vitality of your system, scheduling annual maintenance appointments will play a critical role. Annual maintenance allows a technician to clean your furnace of dust and debris properly, check for problems, and diagnose any issues before they progress into something bigger.

Neglecting Ducts and Vents

It is easy to focus solely on the HVAC system itself and forget about the vents and ducts that stem off of it. Ductwork is an essential part of your system because it is how heat is delivered and distributed throughout your home. Your home’s vents and ductwork accumulate dust and debris as well, so it is important to dust and clean the vents around your home regularly.

Ignoring Repair Signs

All home systems provide indicators that a repair is going to be needed soon. Ignoring these signs can lead to costly repairs and further damage your system. Knowing what to look for is critical: strange noises, inconsistent heating throughout your home, fumes, and increasing utility bills.

Blocking Registers

One of the easiest and most common mistakes is blocking your furnace’s registers. Registers are different from vents because they can adjust the airflow by opening and closing their flaps. Blocking furnace registers restricts the airflow and causes your system to work harder to heat your home.

Schedule a Furnace Checkup Today

Avoid these common mistakes as the seasons change and take advantage of our furnace checkup! Let our team deliver the difference this season with an efficiently working furnace.

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