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Are HVAC Protection Plans Worth It?


When you purchase a heating and cooling system, the HVAC company will likely pitch to you a preventative maintenance plan. You may ask, “Is an HVAC protection plan worth the extra cost?” Maintenance can keep your AC or heater clean, safe to use, and efficient. It can avoid major repairs and increase the system’s lifespan. But how does a service plan fit into the picture? We’ll explain why it’s usually worth investing in.

To highlight this, here are some things you should consider:

How Much You Use Your HVAC System

The more you run your AC or furnace, the more wear that will affect it. Therefore, it may require more frequent repairs. Knowing that repair costs add up, purchasing an HVAC service contract can save you a great deal over time, especially if you get a lot of use out of your system. 

HVAC Repairs Are Expensive

According to Angi, the cost to repair an HVAC system averaged $350 in 2022. Initial service calls can incur charges of up to $250, and contractors charge hourly rates of up to $100. You may spend anywhere from $100 to more than $7,500 when a component fails, depending on the parts involved and the severity of the issue.

Some Warranties Require Annual Maintenance

Depending on the manufacturer’s warranty, skipping that annual maintenance call can void the warranty. That means if something goes wrong, you’ll have to pay the full bill for repairs. Therefore, you should have your unit serviced starting in its first year. Contractors will provide documentation that shows the AC or furnace was inspected and what, if any, work was done on it (proving the required service was performed under the terms of the warranty).

Priority Service Is Given to Maintenance Plan Members

Many service plans guarantee priority service. That means when you schedule a visit, the company will prioritize you ahead of non-members. No one wants to wait when their air conditioner or furnace isn’t working. But signing up for an HVAC protection plan can mean getting your system running again sooner.

HVAC Protection Plans Are Comprehensive

Maintenance plans include cleaning the outside and inside of the unit, changing the filter, testing for carbon monoxide, and measuring amperage draw. A technician will also check airflow from vents and inspect and lubricate moving parts. Measuring temperature drop and suction pressure is also part of a maintenance call. The contractor will look for any technical issues that can affect safety, performance, and efficiency; if any small problems are found, they will be repaired on the spot.

A Service Plan Can Avoid Being Without Heating or Cooling

Maintenance plans are exceptionally useful in extreme climates. Your HVAC system will work harder, to begin with. And, if it breaks down in extreme heat or cold, your family can be in danger. By paying an annual fee for an HVAC protection plan, your heating and cooling system will be cared for. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing it’s in good shape and someone will be there quickly to resolve any problems.

At Waldrop, we ensure members of our Family Service Plan receive priority services, biannual tune-ups, and discounts on repairs and indoor air quality services. Leak checks are included and members receive a refrigerant recharge if necessary. A two-year parts warranty and a two-year labor warranty are included as well. Those who sign up for our Ultimate Plan receive even more benefits whether they need HVAC or plumbing service.

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Waldrop’s licensed, certified, and insured HVAC technicians provide a full range of services in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. Customers in Upstate South Carolina benefit from our maintenance plans as soon as they sign up. To learn more or sign up for one of our HVAC protection plan options, call us at 864-536-0887 today.

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