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8 Risks of Delaying Furnace Repair

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Delaying furnace repair has many risks, including significant safety hazards. When it’s working normally, a heater serves its purpose without putting anyone in danger. However, a heating appliance can be extremely hazardous if neglected. The numerous risks of putting off professional furnace repair include:

1. More Damage to Your Furnace

During the colder months, a furnace may run nonstop. Therefore, one strained or malfunctioning part can increase wear and tear on other parts. These components may work harder to compensate for less heat output. If you don’t fix your furnace in time, multiple parts may need to be replaced, requiring more extensive repairs.

2. Safety Hazards

Delaying furnace repair, or worse, attempting to fix the unit yourself without experience, can put the safety of your entire household at risk. A malfunctioning gas furnace can develop a gas leak, which is a fire and explosion hazard. An electric furnace can develop wiring issues that, if not promptly fixed, can lead to an electric fire. 

Can you imagine the damage that can do to your home and the cost of fixing it? It would be much more than a simple furnace repair

In addition, there’s the risk of exposure to carbon monoxide. This odorless and colorless, yet poisonous, gas can be released if there’s a combustion problem or damage to the heat exchanger or flue vent.

3. A Furnace Breakdown

Reaching an emergency heating repair contractor in the middle of winter can be difficult. You could be without heating until a crew gets to your home. Equipment failures occur most often during cold spells when demand is the highest, but being proactive can save you from a frigid night. By scheduling a repair as soon as warning signs start, you can prevent a furnace breakdown and resolve the issue before it causes more damage. 

4. Costly Services

According to Forbes, the average furnace repair cost ranges from $50 to $300. But the more that’s wrong with your heater, the more it will cost to fix. Multiple parts may need to be replaced, and it will take longer to complete a repair, so you’ll pay more for labor. Whether your heater needs large, multiple repairs or must be replaced, you could end up spending thousands of dollars by delaying a call to a repair contractor.

5. Reduced Energy Efficiency

When parts of your furnace aren’t running smoothly, the system will compensate by working harder. This translates into increased energy consumption. The consequences go beyond wasting fuel and power; they can also include higher energy bills. Delays can increase utility costs that strain your budget on top of major furnace repairs.

6. Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Delaying service can, at the very least, cause dust and dirt to circulate in your home, settle on surfaces, and exacerbate allergies and respiratory issues. The air may also feel dry and stuffy. On the more dangerous side, a damaged furnace may release flammable and toxic fumes as well as carbon monoxide. Therefore, prompt repairs can make the air at home more comfortable and healthier to breathe.

7. Ductwork Damage

If your furnace is poorly maintained, chances are your ductwork is too. A buildup of dirt and airflow problems can strain ductwork, causing cracks, holes, and loose connections. These can reduce heating performance even more due to air leakage, which can worsen indoor air quality and strain the system. Eventually, the unit will need more repairs or break down altogether.

8. Shorter Heater Life

If you delay repairs for too long, the damage may be permanent. A well-maintained heating system can last 15, 20, or even 30 years. However, neglecting it can cause the unit to fail much sooner. Replacing your furnace years earlier can cost thousands of dollars, but not delaying repairs can help you get more out of your initial investment.

Call Waldrop Today and Don’t Delay Furnace Repair

Delays in fixing your furnace will also lead to avoidable discomfort. Your overall well-being can depend on scheduling furnace repair promptly. At Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air, we provide high-quality heating repair services in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. Our certified technicians can fix any problem, whether your gas or electric furnace struggles to start or doesn’t turn on, releases foul odors, won’t provide heat, or makes noise. Financing options are available to help you budget for repairs. To schedule furnace repair in your home, contact us online or call (864) 536-0887 today.

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