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7 Qualities in Hot Water Heater Installers to Look For

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Finding a qualified hot water heater installer helps you get the most out of your investment. Waldrop is a trusted and reputable plumbing services company in Upstate South Carolina; we ensure you’ll have reliable hot water and a dependable appliance for many years. You never want to cut corners when it comes to water heater installation. But not all contractors and handymen feel the same way. Here are the top 7 qualities to look for when vetting professionals:

1. Licensure

A professional must have a plumber’s license to install a water heater. Acquiring a license requires years of education and vocational training, plus passing several tests to prove they have the proper knowledge, skillset, and technical abilities. 

Only a state-licensed plumber can install and replace a water heater. Licenses are issued by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. Requirements for licensees include attending a plumbing trade school and taking the Residential Business and Law exam (plus a trade exam).

2. Skills and Expertise

Only a plumber with specialized knowledge of water heaters should service your system. Even if a retailer seems familiar with the equipment, they don’t likely understand how to install it properly. They may hire a contractor to install water heaters, but can’t assure you of their qualifications or reputation.

Any plumbing professional realizes a store-bought unit may not meet your needs. They also can’t guarantee its quality or they know the brand. Installing water heaters can be a complex process and often requires plumbing work beyond the unit itself. 

Trust only a professional with years of experience whose website or brochure explicitly states they work with water heaters. If you’re upgrading water heater capacity or switching fuel sources, there’s typically more work involved, such as running and connecting plumbing lines or gas pipes. Switching from a tank to a tankless water heater also presents challenges a professional is ready to take on.

3. Insurance

Always check a hot water heater installer’s insurance before letting them work in your home. No matter how much experience someone has, accidents happen. Insurance protects the crew and your property. If property damage or injuries occur while the crew is on the job, you may be compensated for any losses so that you won’t pay for repairs or medical treatment. The service provider should be willing to provide their license and insurance information when asked for it.

4. Professional Appearance

No matter how skilled and experienced they are, a plumbing professional should look the part. The technicians should wear a clean uniform, use well-kept tools, and speak politely and clearly when explaining your options or answering your questions. If they’re serious and professional, they’ll treat your property with respect and take all relevant safety measures. 

5. Thoroughness

Homeowners often gravitate towards the lowest prices, but cheap often reflects the quality of service. Before water heater installation, the contractor should ask you questions about your water usage and inspect your home. This allows them to provide you with options that can deliver years of reliable hot water.

Lastly, you should receive a price estimate. It should include an itemized breakdown of costs. When comparing estimates, look at the breakdown of each quote to determine the best value and which contractor to sign on with.

6. Uses High-Quality Equipment

Water heaters purchased directly from the manufacturer, a distributor, or an industry wholesaler are more durable than appliances purchased at a retail store. It’s likely the plumber has years of experience working with the supplier. Therefore, they can provide high-quality equipment at a more reasonable price and pass the savings on to you. They also handle the ordering and delivery process. You can be assured your water heater will be correctly installed.

7. Answers Your Questions

An experienced hot water heater installer knows the purchase is a big expense for you. Every step of the process should be done with your satisfaction in mind. Therefore, the contractor should be open to answering any questions you have. Questions they should be willing and able to answer include:

  • How much will the installation cost?
  • What sized tank do I need?
  • Are there more energy-efficient options?
  • How long does the installation process take?
  • Will you dispose of my old water heater?
  • Which equipment brands do you work with?
  • Does my purchase include a warranty?
  • Should I consider a tankless water heater?

Call Waldrop for Top-Quality Water Heater Installation

We provide professional installation services in Upstate South Carolina that include conventional storage tank water heaters (gas and electric models), tankless water heaters, and heat pumps, solar-powered, or condensing water heaters. Our licensed and insured technicians ensure your system is properly installed and will run safely, reliably, and efficiently for many years. They are background-checked and drug-screened for your assurance. 

To learn more about financing and opportunities to save, and receive high-quality service from experienced hot water heater installers, call (864) 536-0887 today.

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