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5 Ways Paying the AC Coil Cleaning Cost Can Save You Money

5 Ways Paying the AC Coil Cleaning Cost Can Save You Money

Most HVAC professionals recommend AC coil cleaning once or twice a year. If dust and dirt build up on the coils, major problems can occur. The AC coil cleaning cost is around $100 to $400 as of 2024, according to Homeguide (for an evaporator coil), and up to $700 to remove and clean the coil. Cleaning the condenser coil costs $75 to $230.¹ However, there are many ways paying these costs can save you money. 

What Are AC Coils?

A coil refers to two different components in your HVAC system. These include the condenser coil, which is contained inside the outdoor condenser unit. It’s covered by a protective case with slotted or gridded panels. The evaporator coil is typically in the indoor air handler but can be mounted on top of a furnace. 

While outdoor coils can be coated in dirt, pollen, grass clippings, and other contaminants from outside, even evaporator coils can get covered in dirt and grime. These coils consist of copper or aluminum tubes in an assembly that looks somewhat like a car radiator (condenser coils are usually cylinder or box-shaped, while evaporator coils can be flat or “A” shaped). Aluminum fins increase the surface area where heat transfer takes place.

How AC Coil Cleaning Saves Money

You don’t usually see your AC coils, but if they’re dirty, it can significantly impact your HVAC system. Having them cleaned professionally can save money in a few ways:

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

A layer of dirt just a fraction of an inch thick can prevent an evaporator coil from effectively removing heat from indoor air. Meanwhile, a dirty condenser coil will struggle to release the heat the system has collected. The system then runs hotter and works harder to compensate and maintain a comfortable temperature. Since it will run longer, the unit will use more energy, driving up your utility bills. 

Coil cleaning allows your AC to run in normal cycles and thus use less energy. This can make your monthly electric bill more affordable.

2. Avoid Major Repairs

When an AC coil is dirty, the cold refrigerant passing through it will cause condensation to freeze. Ice on coils further restricts heat transfer and can cause them to crack, triggering a refrigerant leak. Both scenarios can cause the system to overheat and break down. 

Reduced performance also increases condensation. Therefore, if you have a dirty AC coil, this condensation builds up so much it can overwhelm the drip pan and drain line. The drain line can clog up from too much water and debris. Water can then leak and overflow, causing additional damage to the unit. 

Regular coil cleaning avoids these issues and saves money on repairing them.

3. Avoid Emergency Repair Fees

Dirty AC coils often lead to sudden air conditioner breakdowns. When you need an HVAC contractor in an emergency, especially during off hours, their service fee may be double or triple the normal rate. Emergency fees vary significantly from one company to another. Therefore, the expense can be unpredictable. But you’re sure to save by paying the AC coil cleaning cost at least once a year.

4. Increase the Life of Your AC System

Longer running times and higher temperatures and pressures can strain the compressor. When the compressor overheats, it generates heat in the entire unit. Noise and vibration can also increase. If you wait too long to clean the coils, the compressor can fail, while malfunctions can occur throughout your AC system. Coil cleaning can avoid this scenario and potentially add years to an air conditioner’s life, so you don’t have to pay for early replacement.

5. Prevent Persistent Issues With Your HVAC System

Dirty AC coils and other issues associated with a neglected system, such as dirty filters, can restrict airflow (this leads to many problems). The dirt can also contribute to electrical issues. Wires, power relays, and other electrical components may be damaged, causing your AC to shut down frequently. Power fluctuations can occur as well and damage the unit. Dirty coils may interfere with dehumidification too, leading to bacteria and mold spreading through the air handler, ductwork, and your home.

Call Waldrop for an AC Coil Cleaning Cost Quote

Our experienced AC maintenance technicians are ready to help if it’s time to schedule service or if there are signs you need an AC coil cleaning. We also carefully inspect the unit to find any other hidden issues to fix. Proper maintenance can save you money over the life of the system. Tune-ups and coil cleanings are included with our Family Service Plan. Call (864) 536-0887 today to schedule service.


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