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Getting dependable plumbing service in Simpsonville, SC, supports your household’s everyday plumbing needs so that your home can operate smoothly and conservatively. Hiring the professionals at Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air gives you top-rate preventative plumbing services in Simpsonville so your comfort won’t be disrupted. We offer the following expert plumbing services in Simpsonville for your convenience: 

Call Waldrop Plumbing — Heating — Air at (864) 536-0887 or contact us online to consult with a friendly team member concerning our comprehensive plumbing services in Simpsonville! Our service is second to none!

Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing Services In Simpsonville

When it comes to where your plumbing is most used, your bathroom and kitchen take the lion’s share. When the plumbing in either of these areas isn’t working, everyone can feel the fallout. Don’t delay when your bathroom or kitchen plumbing is giving you trouble. Call the professionals for a mess-free, fast resolution. Experienced plumbing professionals know how to keep things flowing smoothly without any hiccups or leaks in the process. Waldrop Plumbing — Heating — Air offers complete solutions, including plumbing repairs, plumbing installations, and plumbing maintenance. Don’t go another minute without the resources you need for your home!

Leak Detection Services

Are your utility bills on the rise? Have you noticed a recent change in water pressure? Do you ever hear running/dripping water when no water fixture is on? If so, you may have a leak! One of the biggest nightmares homeowners face is hidden leaks. Leaks can result in thousands of wasted dollars and one of our most precious resources. Licensed and certified NATE plumbers can uncover hidden leaks with high-tech leak detection tools to get to the heart of your issues in no time.

If you’re ready for plumbing installation, plumbing maintenance, or other plumbing services, call Waldrop Plumbing — Heating — Air at (864) 536-0887 or contact us online to get started!

Drain Cleaning Services

The best way to avoid expensive plumbing problems is by having a professional clean out your sink and drain lines. Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you want efficient service, then calling upon professionals will do the job right — the first time! We’ll make sure all your pipes are functioning correctly with our high-quality workmanship.

Water Heater Installation Or Repair Services

Water heaters are a vital part of your home. In order to meet you and your family’s needs, this machine must run smoothly with minimal delays or disruptions. If you’re looking to get your water heater up and running, then we have what it takes. We offer installation or repair services that won’t disappoint!

Why Choose Us?

Waldrop Plumbing is the name to call when you need fast, professional plumbers who know their way around plumbing issues large and small. We’re trained in everything from routine maintenance for your home’s plumbing system to correcting major leaks or spills.

Waldrop Plumbing — Heating — Air has more than 50 years of experience, delivering customers timely, professional results that they can count on every time. Our plumbing technicians hold certifications and accreditations from North American Technician Excellence, the Better Business Bureau, and Angi. Our customer-first approach guarantees that our advanced plumbing solutions are long-lasting. Experience the Waldrop difference and learn why more and more residents are choosing Waldrop Plumbing — Heating — Air for plumbing services in Simpsonville

Call Waldrop Plumbing — Heating — Air at (864) 536-0887 or contact us online to schedule a plumbing service call in Simpsonville to restore your system’s optimum performance and prevent expensive repairs.

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Greenville, SC

Five stars

Waldrop has taken care of our HVAC since our house was built (2006). We get maintenance twice a year – spring and fall. This year, Kevin suggested the Phenomenal Aire unit. It cleans the air

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Marietta, SC

Five stars

Had the best experience with Waldrop, we will forever be in their debt. Not only the most professional group of men but the most honest, stand by your word company! I would recommend Waldrop to

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Five stars

A friend recommended Waldrop after he had a visit last week. Our A/C was not cooling as well as it should, and the Split “Smart” thermostat was doing crazy things on the first and 2nd


24/7 Monitoring of Your AC, Heating & Plumbing Systems

The Smart Wally Membership ensures home heating, cooling, and plumbing systems are constantly monitored. The program allows us to detect issues early, which is when they’re easier and more affordable to fix.