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10 Benefits of a Camera Plumbing Inspection

10 Benefits of a Camera Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing camera inspection is one of the most preferred methods of pipe damage or leak detection. It provides a direct view inside a drain pipe or sewer line. An affordable diagnostic method, it’s often the first step a plumbing repair technician takes. Some of the top benefits of using a camera for inspecting plumbing include:

1. Avoid Trenching

Traditionally, finding the location of a leak requires digging a trench across your yard. This is time-consuming and costly. Using a drain camera can save thousands of dollars. Based on the distance traveled, a plumber can pinpoint the location of an issue in the pipe or assess the overall condition of a drain line. A camera pipe inspection also avoids repairs to your property. 

2. Quickly Find Blockages

A blockage can occur anywhere in the line. But if it’s downstream of the drain, it can be hard to locate. A plumbing camera inspection can find where a blockage is and identify what it’s made of (whether it’s hardened grease, bathroom tissue, hygienic products, debris, or tree roots). Cameras can also be run through junctions and sharp turns where debris often gets trapped.  

3. Identify Breaks and Damage

If there’s a break in the line, wastewater or sewage can leak under your yard or the foundation. Such a break is often hard to locate. But snaking a video camera through the line helps a plumber find the damage quickly. They can also repair the broken pipe on the spot without resorting to demolition just to find where it is.

4. Locate Leaks 

While evidence of a water leak takes many forms, finding where it’s coming from is often difficult. A camera plumbing inspection can help spot a leak hidden behind a wall or under the slab. When a crack, hole, or other damage is found, the technician measures how far the cable has traveled to determine where to work. Camera inspections enable plumbers to fix leaks more quickly so there’s less water damage.

5. Find Tree Root Intrusion

If multiple drains and fixtures are slow or backing up, the issue is often in the sewer line. Tree roots can encroach on, break into, crush, and grow inside sewer pipes in search of water and nutrients. Tree root intrusion often occurs deep in the pipe. Nonetheless, video cameras can identify it and which nearby trees pose the greatest threat to your plumbing.

6. Determine the Health of Pipes

Aging pipes can develop corrosion, clog with mineral buildup, or collapse. A plumbing camera inspection allows a technician to determine the condition of a pipe and whether to repair or replace it. Therefore, it’s wise to consider one if your plumbing is several decades old, hasn’t been checked in a while, or isn’t performing as efficiently.

7. Avoid Needing a Permit

Camera inspections generally don’t require permits. However, a permit from a local agency may be required if the plumbing company has to dig a trench through your lawn and perform more extensive work inside your home. This is one of the reasons why using a camera for a plumbing inspection is more cost-effective.

8. Quick Inspection

A camera inspection is a quick way to check on your plumbing, whether you want to stay current on annual checkups or are buying a new home. It can reveal any problems, allow a plumber to correct them immediately, and prevent worse issues down the road.

9. Find Lost Valuables

Whether stumbling upon them by accident or searching for lost valuables, a plumber can find a piece of jewelry, a rare coin, or a children’s toy. Lots of items can get accidentally flushed or washed down a drain. It’s often a surprise to know they’re not lost forever.

10. Save Money on Future Repairs

A thorough inspection can save a homeowner money on repairs by finding issues early. It can also be beneficial when purchasing a home. If there are problems with the drainage or sewer system, they can be repaired before you invest in the property; or, you can continue searching for a home with better plumbing.

How Is a Camera Plumbing Inspection Performed?

A plumbing camera inspection involves using a specialized video camera. Some sewer cameras have pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. The camera is attached to a flexible cable that’s fed through an entry point. A plumber views the feed on a monitor and makes observations as the device is pushed through the line.

How Far Can a Sewer Camera Be Run?

Most professional-grade plumbing inspection cameras run up to about 330 feet (some can go as far as 400 or 500 feet). The distance depends on the model and other equipment used. If a sewer line needs to be inspected farther out, a different entry point may be chosen.

Where Can a Plumbing Inspection Camera Be Inserted?

A plumber typically inserts the camera at the sewer line cleanout, but can also run it through the vent stack. If necessary, they can start at a toilet or sink drain. The technician often chooses an entry point based on the suspected location of the problem.

Call Waldrop for a Sewer Camera Inspection Near Greer, SC

If you need a plumber for leak detection or drain cleaning in Greenville or Spartanburg Counties, you can trust Waldrop for prompt, high-quality service. Our licensed plumbers are skilled in the latest, most effective techniques for addressing a wide range of plumbing issues. A camera inspection is the least invasive way to determine the cause of a plumbing malfunction and assess the condition of drainage and sewer pipes. It also lets us complete repairs faster and more cost-effectively. To request a camera plumbing inspection in your home, call (864) 536-0887.

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