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5 Signs Your Indoor Air Quality Needs to Be Checked

Indoor air quality can have a major impact on your home and health that many of us aren’t even aware of. Where do you even start to look to tell whether the health of your air quality is healthy or not? Waldrop has come up with five signs to look out for to see if your air quality needs to be checked.

Health Problems

Woman sneezing on couch at home in living room

Indoor air quality can have quite an impact on your health. You may believe you or your family may have a cold or allergies, but headaches, shortness of breath, sneezing, cough, dizziness, and nausea can all be associated with poor indoor air quality. If you or your family have constant allergies or cold symptoms, it’s a good idea to get your air quality checked to be safe.

Take a Look at Your Vents

A heating/cooling vent register on the wall of a home, with open/close lever

Is there dust accumulating on and around the outside of your vents? That’s a sign you need to change your filter. It’s important to keep track of how many times you’re changing your filters, as this can be a key sign to get your indoor air quality checked. While most filters need to be changed monthly, if you have to change yours more frequently, it’s time to get an air quality check!

Mold and Mildew Growth

Spray bottle sitting on floor next to white wall with mold growing.

Mold and mildew growth usually accompanies high humidity levels and poor air circulation in the home. A telltale musty smell often lingers in homes with mold issues, alongside green and black spots on surfaces. If you notice any mold, get an air quality check ASAP!

Unpleasant Odors

Any unpleasant odors in your home could be coming from mold or mildew, chemicals, or decomposition of dirt and other particles on surfaces around your home. They are all telltale signs of poor indoor air quality and should get checked out right away.

Inconsistent Air Distribution and Temperature

Close up shot of industrial fan while spinning

Have you noticed cold and warm spots throughout your home? This is a sign that you are having air distribution issues. This can sometimes point to indoor air quality issues, or at the least, affect your air quality.

Schedule Indoor Air Quality Services Today

Indoor air quality can have a major impact on your home. Keeping your home and air quality healthy can have a long-term effect on the health of you and your family. Contact Waldrop at (864) 536-0887 today to schedule an indoor air quality check for your home!

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