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Does Air Duct Cleaning Include Sanitizing My Ductwork?

Does Air Duct Cleaning Include Sanitizing My Ductwork?

Professionals can sanitize your ductwork while providing air duct cleaning. Indoor air quality issues caused by common pollutants can affect your health and damage your HVAC system. Applying a sanitizer is an additional step to AC duct cleaning that can avoid these issues. We’ll explain how it differs from standard ductwork cleaning and why you should consider it.

What Does It Mean to Sanitize Air Ducts?

Duct cleaning involves removing dust, dirt, and other solid materials. Air duct sanitizing goes even further to eliminate bacteria, mold, and some viruses. The sanitizer is applied using the same equipment that’s hooked up to your air duct system to clean it. While your ductwork is under negative air pressure, a fogger is used to apply the sanitizer. The same process is used in hospitals, is completely safe, and has no lingering effects such as odors.

Why Should I Sanitize My Ductwork?

Air duct sanitizing is an important part of the AC duct cleaning process. If HVAC technicians have come to clean your ducts, why wouldn’t you want them to remove organic contaminants? Sanitizing ductwork is beneficial for a few reasons:

  • Prevents Germs from Spreading: Germs can spread quickly through indoor air, especially when your central AC system is running, and can be introduced by rodents and insects. Warm, often humid conditions enable many types of bacteria and viruses to multiply. A liquid or spray sanitizer can eliminate them so your air ducts are germ-free.
  • Helps Eliminate Mold Spores: If mold has previously impacted your home, mold spores are more likely inside the air ducts. It’s hard to reach the entire system using most methods. But air duct sanitizing can kill mold spores in the most remote parts of your ductwork. It can also prevent them from returning and growing into patches of potentially toxic mold.
  • May Make Your Home Healthier: If you or anyone in your household has allergies or asthma, duct sanitizing can remove more triggers than duct cleaning alone. It can benefit someone recovering from an illness or who has a weakened immune system. Babies are also more susceptible to the effects of poor indoor air quality, so the process can help if you have a new baby at home.

What Is Used to Sanitize Ductwork?

A professional can choose from a range of products to sanitize AC ducts. Ask what your company uses and do your own research. If the contractor uses a low-quality product, it may be potentially harmful (some use ozone, which is generally unsafe in homes).

The best products include natural air duct sanitizers. Those with botanical ingredients usually don’t contain corrosive compounds that other sanitizer solutions do. Air duct cleaning professionals often recommend antimicrobial sanitizers, which are similarly safe. An antimicrobial spray provides a hospital-grade cleaning in just one application. However, its effectiveness can vary depending on the ingredients and brand.

An ultraviolet (UV) air duct sanitizer is another option. It’s a mechanical component installed in your duct system. As bacteria pass through the duct in the airflow, the UV light kills them. It can also prevent mold. However, a UV sanitizer can be costly to install and requires periodic bulb replacements; it also doesn’t prevent dirt, dust, and other non-organic particles or chemicals from collecting in the system.

Tips for Finding an Air Duct Sanitizing Professional

A certified and qualified professional will reduce the chances of ductwork contamination and can offer an effective deep cleaning. They are also more likely to use safe practices. To find a reputable AC duct cleaning company that offers sanitizing, ask your current HVAC contractor if they provide this service. You can also search for air duct cleaning professionals online, check reviews, and compare local businesses based on service quality and pricing.

Schedule a consultation before hiring any company. Have a few questions to ask. Be wary if they don’t provide direct answers, refuse to identify the sanitizing products they use, or don’t give a price estimate. Also, make sure their technicians are certified to work on air ducts. Experienced professionals will ensure high-quality results and avoid methods that can be unsafe or damage your ductwork.

Call Waldrop for Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing

For high-quality air duct cleaning in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC, you can count on Waldrop. We use the latest tools and equipment and our professionals are trained, licensed, and certified. Air filtration and other indoor air quality solutions are also available. Therefore, our team can recommend and implement ways to both clean and sanitize your ductwork. To schedule an AC duct cleaning in your home, call (864) 536-0887 today.

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