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What Is Done When Servicing an AC That Doesn’t Need Repairs?

What Is Done When Servicing an AC That Doesn't Need Repairs?

You shouldn’t wait until an AC needs repairs to have it serviced. To many people, the concept of servicing an air conditioner involves replacing major components and paying high costs. But AC maintenance can avoid that. Our technicians perform a series of tasks to maintain an AC unit, even if it doesn’t need fixing. We’ll explain below what is done when servicing an AC.

At Waldrop, we recommend professional air conditioner maintenance at least once a year, preferably in the spring. Servicing it in the fall, too, can have benefits. If the service call isn’t related to a repair, a qualified technician will do the following:

Inspect the AC System

During an AC check-up or AC tune-up, the tech will look at the condition of the indoor and outdoor units and open them up to see how things look inside. Changing the air filter is an important part of the process. It will maintain airflow and ensure the system works efficiently. The contractor will also check for dirt, obstructions, and issues with moving parts (and lubricate them if necessary). They’ll also look for, mitigate, and prevent any safety hazards, which may require small repairs.

Check Electrical Components

When providing AC maintenance, a technician will look for faulty electrical components, loose connections, and damaged wires. Electrical issues can affect AC performance and efficiency. Repairing them will restore the system’s function and avoid safety hazards such as shocks, burns, or fires. Maintenance also includes checking motor and blower capacitors; replacing worn capacitors reduces strain and helps the unit run more smoothly.

General System Check

An air conditioning system has many working parts that must function properly for it to provide comfort. These are some other things done when servicing an AC:

  • Thermostat Calibration: A technician will verify the thermostat is reading the right temperature and communicating with your AC. If necessary, they can make adjustments or, if the unit is getting false readings from a heat source (such as direct sunlight or an appliance), relocate it.
  • Leak Check: The refrigerant charged into an HVAC system should last its entire lifespan. It is not used up. If the refrigerant is low, the technician must find and repair a leak in an evaporator or condenser coil, or any other affected part of the AC system.
  • Condensate Drain Cleaning: Your air conditioner removes moisture from the air by collecting condensed water in a pan and draining it. A drain overflow or clogged condensate drain line can damage the system, so any issues found will be repaired before turning the AC back on.
  • Airflow Test: Reduced airflow can lead to hot and cold spots in your home, pressure imbalances, and other issues. It can be caused by an obstruction or clog, but a fan, thermostat, coil, or system design issue may also contribute to poor airflow. The system will be assessed to determine the cause and possible solutions.
  • Duct Cleaning: A buildup of dust and dirt in ductwork can affect HVAC performance and efficiency as well as indoor air quality. Maintenance technicians have the equipment to clean out air ducts. If they find holes or cracks, they can seal air leaks or make other repairs.

Call Waldrop to Schedule AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance can improve your air conditioning system’s reliability, efficiency, and lifespan and avoid major repairs. It can save you a great deal in the long run. At Waldrop, we provide comprehensive AC maintenance services in the Spartanburg and Greenville area. Our professionals do whatever is needed to be done when servicing an AC to ensure it works properly. To request your annual AC tune-up, schedule service online or call (864) 536-0887 today.

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