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Is Greenville Heating Repair Always Needed to Get My Furnace Running Again?


It’s the middle of winter and your furnace suddenly won’t turn on. You hurry to the phone to request a technician’s help and are already anticipating a big repair bill. But do you need a Greenville heating repair company? Your furnace may not need to be fixed. There are many simple reasons it isn’t running. We’ll look at a few that you can resolve yourself.

When You Don’t Need Greenville Heating Repair

It’s the chilly season but we’ll get through winter in Greenville, SC, soon. That doesn’t help when your furnace is not working and you need heat now. If your HVAC system has suddenly stopped heating your home, you can determine whether any repairs are necessary by looking in a few different places. You may be able to get your furnace running again by checking the:


Despite the thermostat being the control center for your HVAC system, it’s easily overlooked. The thermostat’s mode and setting control what your furnace does. If it’s not switched to “Heat” mode, the furnace won’t turn on, so this is a good place to start. The issue can be easily corrected by setting the system to provide heat.

If that doesn’t do the trick, check the temperature setting. If the thermostat is set to a temperature that’s above the current reading, it won’t signal the HVAC system to provide heating. You can fix this issue by turning the temperature a few degrees lower than the current reading and then a few degrees above it. If nothing else is wrong, this can get the furnace to start running.

Air Filter

Replace the filter if the furnace doesn’t turn on or stays on only for a short time. Furnaces need fresh air to run properly. If a filter is dirty or clogged, restricted airflow can be a big problem. Change the filter every one to two months or as needed. Doing so is a simple task that just requires removing the old filter and sliding in the new one, but it can have major benefits.

Circuit Breaker

Like all the appliances in your home, the furnace is connected to a circuit breaker. If a breaker has tripped, it will cut power to the heater. Reset the circuit breaker to see if the furnace will work. If not or the breaker won’t switch on or trips immediately thereafter, call a Greenville heating repair professional for help.

Power Switch

All furnaces require electricity to some extent. Each unit has a power switch that must be set to “On” for the system to run. The switch should be in an easily accessible place or behind a panel; check the manual if you can’t find it. When you locate the power switch and it is in the “Off” position, flip it to the “On” position to activate your furnace.

Air Intake Vent

Furnaces do a good job of heating the air but few people realize they need air to do it. If the air intake vent is blocked, your furnace can malfunction or stop working. The problem can be fixed by cleaning debris or objects out of the intake pipe. Check the outside as well; leaves and dirt can sometimes block the outer portion of the vent.

Gas Meter

Check the gas meter or the main gas valve if your furnace isn’t running. Maybe your gas service was turned off for some reason, or a technician forgot to turn the gas back on after the last service call. Or, there could be a problem with the meter or the gas line serving your home. If there’s a gas or sulfur odor, leave your home immediately and call for help. But if the gas valve was turned off, just turn it parallel to the pipe to fuel your furnace.

Blower Motor

When you activate the furnace, listen for the blower motor to kick in. The motor is a moving part and is prone to wear and tear. If it fails, you won’t hear it even when the furnace ignites. The only way to solve this issue is to have a Greenville heating repair company replace the blower motor.

Pilot Light

If your furnace uses a pilot light, it’s usually on the bottom behind a small door or glass panel. The pilot light provides an ignition source, so your furnace can’t run if it burns out. If this is the case, try lighting the pilot light with a grill ignitor or long fireplace match. Call for help if it won’t light or the flame turns yellow or any color other than blue.

Call Waldrop for Greenville Heating Repair

When you can’t get your furnace running again, you can count on our NATE-certified technicians to provide prompt and effective heater repair. Call us if your heater turns on and off, won’t run at all, makes unusual noises, emits a gas odor, there’s a pilot light issue, or your utility bills go up. Our technicians can repair any problem, big or small, to restore heat, comfort, and safety. To request help, schedule service online or call 864-536-0887.

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