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What Should HVAC Protection Plans Cover?


When you purchase an AC or furnace, a contractor or dealer may offer an HVAC protection plan. Investing in a maintenance plan may yield long-term savings. It can help keep your heating and cooling system in top shape and prevent unexpected costs in winter or summer. We’ll now discuss what a protection plan should cover to prevent a breakdown or reduced performance, reliability, or efficiency.

In general, HVAC protection plans cover unexpected equipment issues. These include manufacturing defects, equipment malfunctions, and accidents. Check whether accidental damage is covered in the protection plan. Some providers just build off the manufacturer’s warranty so only problems originating from the product’s manufacture are covered.

What’s Typically Covered in an HVAC Protection Plan?

When you purchase a heating and cooling system protection plan, it should cover:

  • Equipment Maintenance: A maintenance check-up includes checking system performance, thermostat settings, and operational and safety controls. It also includes tightening electrical connections, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting the condensate drain. The evaporator and condenser coils of a cooling unit are inspected. A contractor also checks the refrigerant level and cleans/adjusts the blower components. For heating equipment, they inspect the heat exchanger, combustion system, and gas or oil connections.
  • Emergency Service: Members of an HVAC protection plan often get priority service when they need an AC or heating technician. You’ll wait less time for them to arrive. Depending on the contractor, you may not pay for the service call and diagnostics. The total cost of certain repairs may be covered.
  • Service Discounts: Contractors often include many perks in their membership plans. Waldrop provides members of its HVAC Comfort+ plan with biannual tune-ups, discounts on repairs, and discounts on indoor air quality services. A refrigerant recharge, electronic refrigerant leak check, and outdoor coil cleanings are also included. Members get a two-year parts and labor warranty as well.

How Do I Find Out What’s Covered?

The plan’s terms and conditions should outline what it covers. These should be available whether you’re considering a plan or already have one. Your provider may highlight the terms on its website or when you purchase the plan. Reading the fine print isn’t always necessary.

Whether you’ve purchased the plan or not, look at the specific coverage and the fees charged. These can vary from one plan to another and between providers. An HVAC protection plan should also include instructions on how to file a claim and indicate whether a deductible is required when doing so. There may be additional fees depending on the type of damage and repair needed, so compare each plan carefully.

How Does an HVAC Protection Plan Differ from a Warranty?

A protection plan is not a warranty. It covers preventative maintenance that can avoid major repairs and replacements. A warranty only covers the cost of repair or replacement, not prevention intended to detect and fix problems early. As a member of a protection plan, you can rely on a trained professional to perform tasks that will maximize efficiency, save money on utilities, and extend the life of your air conditioner or furnace.

Learn More About Waldrop’s Family Service Plans

Our home protection plans have your HVAC system covered and are intended to keep your Upstate South Carolina home comfortable. You’ll receive service from NATE-certified, licensed, and insured technicians. Waldrop is known for providing individualized care and permanent solutions to any issue. Continue browsing to learn more about our HVAC protection plans or request help by scheduling service online or calling 864-536-0887.

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