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Do I Need a Plumber In Greenville to Install a Sink?

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If you need a sink installed, a plumber in Greenville has the knowledge, training, and experience to do it correctly. We always recommend hiring a plumber for sink installation. The work can be complex and a professional is needed because:

  • A sink requires a solid connection to your plumbing system.
  • A permit may be required, especially if installing a sink in a new location.
  • Additional work may be required on piping, fittings, and connections.
  • Various adjustments and modifications may be needed.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty may require it to stay valid.

Replacing a sink with the same type, in the same place, may not require a permit. But it still requires the expertise and tools only a skilled plumber has.

An Overview of Sink Installation/Replacement

At first, installing and replacing a sink may seem simple. But here’s a look at the process to help you understand why you need a plumber in Greenville for help:

  • Preparation: First, you’ll need to choose a sink to replace the old one with. A plumber can help select a new unit. If you choose to upgrade a single-basin to a double-basin sink, or the new one is slightly smaller or larger, additional steps and tools will be necessary. Extra features like built-in water filters, soap dispensers, and sprayers can also complicate the project. 

In addition, you’ll need supplies such as plumber’s putty, a socket wrench, a screwdriver, a hacksaw, protective eyewear, and a tape measure. All measurements must be precise so your new kitchen or bathroom sink is a perfect fit.

  • Removing the Old Sink: Before the old sink is removed, the main water supply and hot and cold water supply valves are shut off (then the faucet is turned on to release pressure and water). Pictures of the system’s configuration are taken, so the plumber knows how to reconnect your plumbing to the new sink. Next, they disconnect the valves, disassemble the garbage disposal, and disconnect the dishwasher line. 

The supply lines and drainpipe (along with the P-trap) are disassembled. Next, the plumber removes the metal brackets securing the sink. They may also have to cut away at the old sealant or caulking that helped secure the old sink. The unit is then safely removed and discarded.

  • Installing the New Sink: The area is prepared before the new sink is installed. This includes scraping away any remaining caulk or sealant and attaching the clips that will secure the sink. Accessories such as sprayers are usually attached before the sink is placed. A plumber often attaches rubber gaskets and a threaded flange at the bottom of the drain. 

The disposal and dishwasher lines are connected and caulking is applied around the perimeter of the sink before it’s installed. Once the water lines are reconnected, the technician restores power and turns the water supply back on. Adjustments may be required before the job is complete, such as modifying the length of pipes or adding sealant.

Leave Sink Installation to a Plumber

Installing a sink isn’t that simple. If you don’t follow every step precisely or have the right tools, the sink may not work properly or you may cause a leak. Also, modern sinks often have many working components. You’ll need your faucets, garbage disposal, dishwasher, electrical connections, drains, and accessories set up properly. Hiring a professional from the start will save you money and avoid many hassles.

Call Waldrop to Hire a Plumber in Greenville for Sink Installation

Our Greenville plumbers are experienced in sink installation and replacement. Their knowledge of supply piping, drains, and plumbing connections ensures the job is done right. At Waldrop, we’re committed to high-quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Continue browsing to learn more about coupons, online specials, and financing. To schedule sink installation by a plumber in Greenville, call (864) 536-0887 today.

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