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When you have a plumbing problem and need professional help getting it fixed, Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air is the name you can count on. We’ve served our community for more than 50 years, and have the local knowledge and experience that truly helps us stand out from the rest. Our highly-trained technicians are ready to handle just about anything and everything, and there’s no job that’s too big for us to handle or too small for us to truly care about. We go to great lengths to ensure every single one of our customers is completely satisfied, and our substantial collection of stellar reviews is an example of just how seriously we take that mission.

The next time you have a plumbing problem, make the right choice and turn to Spartanburg’s local plumbing experts. Call Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air at (864) 536-0887 today and schedule your appointment.

Spartanburg Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Your water heater is by far one of the most important parts of your plumbing system and maybe the most relied-upon appliance in your home. You depend on hot water for cooking food, cleaning everything from your kitchen and bathroom, to bathing with a shower or bath, to doing laundry to freshen up your clothes again. With so much riding on a reliable water heater, even small issues can have big, reverberating consequences throughout your home.

Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air is your premier choice for local water heater solutions. When it comes to repairs and installations, nobody in Spartanburg, Greenville, or any of the surrounding areas does more than we do. Our crew works with you to carefully select the perfect replacement system based on your needs, and we always install replacement water heaters from reputable name brands to ensure your new solution will last.

We also offer comprehensive water heater repairs for those issues that don’t require a total replacement. Whether it’s a dying heating element, faulty exhaust system, pilot light issue, electrical connection issue, thermostat issue, or anything else that could cause your water heater to stop working as intended, our technicians will get to the bottom of your issue and ensure your hot water supply is restored and reliable once again.

Professional Plumbing Repair & Installations

Your plumbing system is incredibly complex, and that means any plumber you trust your home to needs to be ready and capable of handling anything. One of the reasons we’ve earned the trust of our community over the last 50 years here at Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air is because that’s exactly what we are. Our crew has seen and handled just about everything over the years, and our experience enables us to handle any issue when it happens in your home.

Our full range of plumbing services includes the following:

Not only are we ready for whatever you might be facing, but we’re honest, upfront, and transparent about our service as well. When we diagnose your problem, we don’t sugar coat it, and our recommendations are always based on our professional experience. When we suggest a service, we truly believe it will help you solve your problem; we’ll never oversell you or upsell you to things you don’t need or that won’t actually help you.

Piping & Repiping In Spartanburg

The pipes that run through your home are what truly make your plumbing system work—they carry water where you need it and waste away from where it goes down the drain. Leaks are a big issue that can have serious repercussions, and yet the overwhelming majority of homeowners have leaks that they simply don’t know about. At Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air, we offer a full range of pipe repairs services to help you get rid of those risky, pesky leaks that could be wasting water and damaging your home.

We also offer repipe services to help you get rid of the risk from your old plumbing lines. If you’re dealing with frequent leaks, call our team and request a consultation for a whole home repipe. New piping can restore your peace of mind that your plumbing system is in good shape and will continue to serve you.

If you’ve got a plumbing problem,contact Waldrop Plumbing – Heating – Air today to get it fixed right.

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Greenville, SC

Five stars

Waldrop has taken care of our HVAC since our house was built (2006). We get maintenance twice a year – spring and fall. This year, Kevin suggested the Phenomenal Aire unit. It cleans the air

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Marietta, SC

Five stars

Had the best experience with Waldrop, we will forever be in their debt. Not only the most professional group of men but the most honest, stand by your word company! I would recommend Waldrop to

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Five stars

A friend recommended Waldrop after he had a visit last week. Our A/C was not cooling as well as it should, and the Split “Smart” thermostat was doing crazy things on the first and 2nd


24/7 Monitoring of Your AC, Heating & Plumbing Systems

The Smart Wally Membership ensures home heating, cooling, and plumbing systems are constantly monitored. The program allows us to detect issues early, which is when they’re easier and more affordable to fix.